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Your POV

"man what to do what to do" you say repeatedly as you and Professor Glynda watched over the match as she just glares at you

"you are are so bored how about you challenge team RWBY and JNPR again?" she asks clearly pissed off as you just look at her

" I wanted to but i doubt the Team want to" you say as someone yells 

"WE WANT TO WATCH THAT TOO" someone yells as you look and see everyone wanting to watch you fight both the teams again as RWBY and JNPR just look at you like they want you to say yes.

"sure fine" you say as you get up and flash-step onto the arena as everyone fills up the bleachers like the match was the Festival

"why so many people" you groan as they all get their weapons ready and you create two copies of yourself one being your older and the other the one that died as Ruby's and Yang's eyes go widen,

"yo whats up" the older one says as you give him the chain-scythe and the other you the katana as they get into a battle stance as you just pull out a violin 

"HAHA whats a violin gonna do to help you?" someone yells as you recognize it as Cardin

"oh nothing much" you say as it turns into its sniper form which you aim it down

"MATCH BEGIN" Glynda yells as Team RBWY and team JNPR charge at you but your older self (ima call Jim and the clone of you Josh) charges at them while swinging his chain-scythe around and catches them off guard as he the does a spin and throws his scythe part of his weapon out at them hitting Jaune into Nora as they both go flying

"so easy" he says but then he gets punched across the arena by Yang

"you.." she growls her hair changing again like last time as she takes Jim one on one but he then loses and is eliminated but he just disappears into smoke before Yang can land a fatal blow on him even though he was eliminated

"you so weak" Yang says as he just disappears she turns back onto to block a katana swiping at her

"think you can get a jump on me?" she asks as Josh smirks and explodes into dust

"WHAT" she yells as you then shoot her in the side sending her into Ruby and Weiss as you then change it into its violin form and put it away

"well time to get serious" you say as you pulls out your chain-scythe and Katana as everyone surrounds you

"give it up you won't win big bro" Ruby says as two people suddenly gasp in the crowd and you look up at the two realizing its your "family" you Uncle Qrow and your father Tai as you throw your mask on your face and start to walk out the arena when Pyrrha stands in front of you while you just look at her

"where do you th-" she says before you swing vertically again and Glynda says 

"match end winner Y/N" she says as everyone gasps as they look up at the board and sees that you flawlessed both teams with a single strike as you storm out of the arena and into the forest

Ruby POV

"what happened?!?" I cry as everyone else kinda just sits there dumbfounded by what happened and the whole arena is in dead silence as Y/N walks into the forest

"why did he..." I say as Blake stares down two people

"who are you....DAD! UNCLE QROW!" I say and I rush to them and hug dad

"hey rubes what up?" he asks as I just hug him

"nothing much just lost a match to b-" I get cut off by Blake

"we all just lost to a soloist name Grazer" she says as I look at her and she glares at me with a 'dont say his name' stare as Yang understands what she is doing

"Grazer?" Dad asks as I just nod my head and he pas my head

"NO! its big bro!" I yell as Uncle Qrow and Dad go silent

"big bro..you mean.." he says as I just nod and Blake seems like she is gonna kill someone as she rushes off to find Y/N

"b-but he died in Summers arms Rubes i think you go him mixed up" Uncle Qrow says while everyone else seems to gasp

"he died?" Weiss asks as they seem to be confused as Uncle Qrow and Dad seem to look worried


"well our...son....he got killed by a man with a mask" I say with sadness as everyone seem to be worried

"so your saying Y/N we know may be a fake?" Weiss asks and I just slightly nod and everyone seems to be thinking about something.

"l-lets go look for him" Ruby says as we all run after Blake

Blake POV

"Y/N Y////N" I call out as I walk into the forests where Y/N went into and I see him standing in the middle of an opening with a lot of cubes of flesh surrounding him

"Y/n!" I call out and run over to him as he turns to me with tears in his eyes 

'tears ive never seen him cry before' I think and he slumps down onto his knees and I kneel down and hug him as he hugs me tightly

"you ok?" I ask as he just softly shakes his head

"whats wrong? aren't they your dad and uncle?" I ask as he just look up with tears in his eyes with grimm blood mixing into his tears

"dad? uncle? haha i wish they were" he says as I just keep on embracing him

"what do you mean you wish?" I ask as he just hesitates for a minute but looks up to me as I stare into his E/C eyes

"can you keep a secret?" he asks as I just nod my head as he wipes the tears away

"M-my family neglected me and abused me for 5 years.. then finally when I had enough I used my semblance to make it look like a different person killed me" He says as I just cover my mouth with my hands as he just weakly smiles

"remember when i said that I was their punching bag?" he says as I just nod in response

Flash back

"you guys didn't love me right? you only used me as someone to use as a punching bag right?" 

End Flash Back

"I used to be my families embarrassment and I only wanted to be loved but I guess that was so hard to ask for..even Ruby and Yang.... The wanted me to disappear out of their lives and I did what I was told...I just died off and became a lonely person wanting a family to love" he says as he just looks up into the stars with hurt eyes

"thats in the past now you have all of us with you" I say as he looks at me with a gentle smile and I couldn't resist and tackled him to the floor with a hug

"heh guesss you are right" he says as I lean in to kiss him but we hear a running

"BIG BRO" Ruby yells as I get off of him as everyone else sees the two off us as Y/n slips his mask on before they see us

"there you guys are" Pyrrha says rushing at us as Y/n opens his arms while getting tackled down by Pyrrha and she hugs him

"why are you guys here" you asks probably referring to Tai and Qrow

"we came to see something" Tai says taking a step forwards but Y/n scoots away from him

"do you even remember my name or my face?" he asks as Tai just looks at him with saddness

"no exactly" Y/n says as he gets up as we hear a cry of a beo wolf as 100 Beo wolves and and 10 Death stalkers come from no where as Pyrrha takes off Y/n mask

"dam..seems like my family really likes to collect grimm near me" he says as he draws his weapon so does everyone else as the Grimm surround us

"just like when we met" he mumbles

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