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Author POV

4 months later

after your death Team RWBY and NP were starting to move on getting other boyfriends while trying to forget you and what you have done for them but they still haven't able to let go but they seem to be doing well however you are recovering in an unknown camp of bandits.

Your POV

you sit up and rub your head

"owwww my head is killing me" you groan as you realize what happened and pat yourself down checking for the holes in your body but to find none as you just sigh and get up from the bed and look at the mirror to see your H/C pure white instead

"i guess i got lucky" you say as you hear some moving of feet outside of where you were as you hop back into the bed and throw the cover over you as you act to be asleep as the person walks in

"get up I heard you talking" the figure says and is sounds feminine as you just turn your head towards her and look at her

"welp i got caught" you sigh as you get back up and face her examining her, she has jet black hair, red eyes, and a well toned body as you realize she looks stupidly familiar to Yang

"hmm you seem to be....my aunt" you say as she just looks at you as you giggles and she pulls out her katana and points it at your neck as you try to grab your katana but nothing is there as you just sigh

"well aunt Raven I thought you would recognize little ol dead me" you sigh as she looks at you and then flinchs

"gotcha" you say to yourself as you knock the blade away and pin her down onto the floor as she just looks at you with a saddened face as you just smile and kiss he nose making her blush a bit as you got off her

"Y/N is that you?" she asks as she sits up as you just smile at her as she pulls you into a hug as you just hug back as you feel her cry into your shoulder

"i-is this a fake or real?" she asks as you just pat her head and whisper to her

"its pretty real Raven: you whisper to her making her jump from you soothing voice

"how long have I been out?" you ask as she just giggles a bit but regains he emotionless composure 

"well its been 4 months since I found your body and you have been resting for a while" she responds as you just sigh

"so how has the only person who has cared been?" you ask as she just looks at you with her crimson eyes

"well ever since your "death" everything has been going well saved Yang a few times but either than that everything else has been boring around here because all the other bandit are easy to fight" She responds as you just laugh

"well can I give you the satisfaction of a battle?" you ask as her face becomes happy

"sure it'll be my pleasure to beat you down to the floor" she grins as you just smirk 

"I've gotten better at fighting ever since you have trained me Rav" you say as she blushes at the nickname you used to give her

"sure whatever" she says as she goes out into an open area as you flash step there as everyone starts to watch you two getting into a fighting stance as you pull out your katana and she does as well as you two get into a fighting stance

"3" you say

"2" she continues

"1" you both say getting ready to attack

"LETS GO" you both yell as she charges at you while slashing the air opening portals as you just flash-step around the portals as she tries to slash you through the portals but misses because she always hits your after image 

"hehe so you've gotten faster" she smirks as you flash-step behind her for her to round-house kick you in the face but you block it with your katana as everyone wows at your ability to keep up with her

"lets see if you can stop this" she says as she opens multiple portals again but sends a condensed air strike through one which flew everywhere as you try to dodge but get hit by one sending you flying to a tree but you flash-step and slash at her as she doges but you open a portal and send a sword swing through the portal hitting her back as she stumbles and you advance on her as she looks up and grins

"time to get this over with" she says as she swings at you opening 30 portals trapping you within a box of portals as she slices through the portals making it look like storm of blades attack you as you try to block but you get hit and you flash-step out of the box and kneel down with a slice across your arm as you aura starts to heal it

"man your always the one who can win" you grumble as you sheathe your katana and walk up to her and shake hands with a grinning raven as she messes with your hair

"almost but you made me use my last attack which kills almost anything" she says as you give her a proud smile

"yaasss almost could've beat ya mom" you say which she blushes at the response because she is an actual mother figure to you as she has helped you survive over the 3 years in the forest 

"well I guess its time to go back to Beacon my time as an battle instructor are lacking now" you say as you give her a quick peck on the lips making her blush as she was about to swing her sword at you but you open a blue portal and jump into it but Raven stops you

"here have a new battle gear my present from never getting you one for your birthdays" she says as you just grin

"Oh i thought you just forgot the time I was born" you joke with her as she swings her Katana at you but you dodge but she gives you your new battle gear which you put on

"Oh i thought you just forgot the time I was born" you joke with her as she swings her Katana at you but you dodge but she gives you your new battle gear which you put on

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(But with pure white hair this is what you look like)

"perfect fit" you say as you hug Raven once more and turn towards open air and slice down creating a blue portal

"visit me sometimes its always good to beat you to the floor" Raven says as you just give her a smirk

"next time Ill be the one who beats you Rav" you say as she blushes and you walk into the portal which ends up ontop of Ozpins tower as you look over Beacon as you then look up into the starry night sky

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