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The Flames of Betrayal (Blake Belladonna x Male Reader Brother x Harem) by T0xicRhin0
The Flames of Betrayal (Blake T0xicRhin0
After being betrayed by Blake on the train, her younger brother Y/N was taken prisoner by Atlas. Experimented on by a mad doctor he becomes the first ever human/Faunus t...
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RWBY: I'll Carve My Own Path In This World (RWBY X Male reader) by Yerwot
RWBY: I'll Carve My Own Path In Yerwot
Y/N L/N, a boy like any other, until the Gods send him to another world, the start of his favorite animated series. Armed with knowledge of the future, a weapon on his b...
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RWBY: Transformers (Reboot) by BraedimusSupreme
RWBY: Transformers (Reboot)by Braedey95 2.0
Braedey Martin, bearer of the Transformatrix, a powerful ancient device created by the Thirteen Primes of Cybertron, allowing one to transform into any and all beings on...
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Ruby Potter by hunter81095
Ruby Potterby Seth
Ruby Rose lived to be a Huntress, wanting to be just like her Mom, Summer Rose, however her last name wasn't always that of the one she saw as her mother, she was once k...
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Cheater Weiss X Male Reader X Yang Xiao Long by kuejonathan
Cheater Weiss X Male Reader X JonnyQ
Y/N unexpectedly finds Weiss cheating on him. What will he do? Who will prevent him from becoming rogue?
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The Chosen Ones | RWBY x Male Reader  by NixiumDonuts
The Chosen Ones | RWBY x Male Nix
A young boy who has unique power joins the academy of Beacon of the one and only Vale along with his cousin. The two of them are not close to other people but each other...
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A Squid or A Faunus? : Inkling!male!reader x Harem by MissLoserLover
A Squid or A Faunus? : Inkling! Ms. Loser
Why not, you know? Plus I read a lot of Splatoon and Rwby fanfiction Disclaimer: Rwby is owed by Rooster Teeth and Splatoon is own by Nintendo
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When Duty Calls (RWBY X WW2) by ussamerica2018
When Duty Calls (RWBY X WW2)by ussamerica2018
When Weiss is Near completing a dust project for one of Team RWBY's assignments it all goes south when she added a bit too much dust to the mixture and ends up teleporti...
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Merc Of The Frontier: A Titanfall x RWBY Story by After_Hours_Writer
Merc Of The Frontier: A Austin, An Author of Stuff
After a near death experience with the IMC, a young Apex Predator pilot and his Titan end up in an unknown world.
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Red Like Blood And Roses (RWBY x Male Abused Reader) by MFC4Graafschap
Red Like Blood And Roses (RWBY x MFC 4
(Y/N) got adopted as a kid by the Xiao Long Rose family, only to be met with nothing but abuse, neglect and slave-like treatment. But what would happen if he got away fr...
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THE EMERALD HERO (rwby x link and zelda son male reader) by illylaslo
THE EMERALD HERO (rwby x link Illy laslo
After the disappearance of his Parents Y/N was told that if he wants to figure out where they are he has to go to the beacon, a school who's all purpose is to train the...
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Male Darkness Reader x Blake Belladonna by RSPBLiterature
Male Darkness Reader x Blake Romas Gaming
When Y/n was 12 a tragic event occurred that caused him to unlock a dark power tied to his bloodline. A power that would change his life forever. After spending the last...
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RWBY: king by gundambanshee
RWBY: kingby gundam epyon
RWBY and JNPR are sent to retrieve a child but who is this child and why Dou's he posses such great power and why Dou's he call every one mongrol
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Pink Roses (Abused And Neglected) RWBY by Inzanity533
Pink Roses (Abused And Neglected) Neveron
Anthony Rose was abused and neglected by his father Tai, his older sister Yang, and his twin Ruby. As a result he ran away and was adopted by the Ren family with li Ren...
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Half-Broken Soul, Fixed by Love: Pyrrha Nikos x Abused and Neglected Male Reader by ShaNEON_757
Half-Broken Soul, Fixed by Love: ShaNEON_757
I wanted to do this story for a whole now and here it is which is another abused and neglected make reader story, but in this story it's Pyrrha Nikos who is gonna be in...
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A gamers pride never dies. (M Reader X RWBY) by Nightcorexraver
A gamers pride never dies. (M Mth
(Y/n) has no memory of how he got to where he is and wakes up with a wound not knowing how he got it. One thing he knows now is that he's no longer on earth. Will Beacon...
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rwby x male stormtrooper reader by British_Reader14
rwby x male stormtrooper readerby British_reader14
You, a stormtrooper of the first order, were flying your TIE fighter until rebels showed up. You were trying to escape until a black hole engulfed you and shipped you to...
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Worlds Apart (Pyrrha x Earthling male reader) by Carson033
Worlds Apart (Pyrrha x Earthling frosty889
When Pyrrha dies her body turned to dust but what if she came to earth and her powers never went to cinder?
Grimm rose (RWBY x child reader) by Reaper-fire
Grimm rose (RWBY x child reader)by Reaper-fire
Little y/n isn't like everyone else in remnant, the first thing is they were born a fanus to human (and quite racist and crappy parents at that) who were strongly agains...
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The Outsider of Remnant (Reboot) (Male Reader x RWBY Harem) by zombiereader334
The Outsider of Remnant (Reboot) ( zombiedude334
Y/n Void, formally known as Y/n Nikos, his mother and father were both horrible people, they would constantly abuse Y/n and always neglect him, they only cared about the...
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