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Your POV

"Where is Cinder and Emerald?" A white fang member yells as he hits your body with his whip as I just hung there by my hands and stared him down as I yawned

"Ugh why did you guys raid my home, attack my family almost killed my childhood friend just so u can ask where they both are? They were in the same house you blew up dumbass" I said as I easily broke the chains and stared the guy down as he backs up and looks scared shitless

"U-I- um we did it to find you actually....." they guy says as a Grimm wolf comes out of nowhere and chomps his head off as a woman in Black and red who I know too well"

"Salem...." you say venom in your voice as you two stare each other down and she just chuckles and moves closer to you as you back up and she pushes you to the wall as she is mere inches away from your face as she caresses your face as you just growl at her

"Y/n Y/n Y/n you've still got that hatred for me hm?" She asks with a smirk on her face as she moves her hand down and on top of your shoulder as you smack it away making her smirk as lean to your ear as she pushes you and instead of hitting the wall you pass through it and end up on a bed as you see her still standing on the other side of a portal as she smirks and closes the portal as you look around and see Grimm everywhere as they look at

"Great.... back in this hellhole of a home" you mumble as you try to open a portal but u notice shackles on your wrists that have tubes on them as you inspect them and see their anti-magic runes as you sigh heavily and get up as the Grimm wolves growl at you and you just sigh and walk past them as they watched you walk

"I hate my lifeee" I say sadly as you walk into a meeting room with other people as they look at you wide eyed

"Y-y-y-you! Your the one who wiped out that wave of Grimm by yourself!" A scorpion guy yells as you smirk in an evil way

"Hellooooo knights of the round table how could my humble self help u today?" I ask while bowing as the one with the tail jumps up and attacks you as u smirk and move up your wrist as his tail flies forward and you block it with your shackles but act like you go nailed as you went flying and he laughs

"HehehehHEHEHAHAHAH YOUR NOT THAT STRONG" he says insanely as you just get up and smirk as you feel your now free wrists and he looks at you as you just bow

"Thank you my kind sir for freeing me of those terrible shackles now I will take my leave" you say as you wave your hand and open up a portal as you walk through it as the people you saw just sat there in shock

"Phew got outa that one" I say as I see Ruby looking around and I yell out to her

"RUBY" you yell but she doesn't respond to you as you run over to her to hug her as you get yanked back by black tendrils as you struggle to get them off as Ruby looks towards you and gives you a smile before walking towards you as the image of Ruby disappears and another person is replaced by it

"S-Salem" you say as she smirks and puts a hand up as you get strung up by the tendrils as you arms hang above you as you look at her in shock

"H-how?" You say as she just laughs and brings her hand to your cheek as black marks start to radiate off of her hand and onto your face as you try to fight off the corruption

"My my, look how much you've grown" Salem says as you glare at her as she just chuckles

"Oh soooo scary" she giggles as she gets extremely close to you as you try to move your head away as she guides your face to face her with her hand as you look into her eyes

"I missed you dear..." she says as tears go down her eyes as you just look at her with slight guilt

"You know what you did and you know why I left this place Salem..." I say as she just gets angry and forces me closer to her face our noses barely touching

"YOU DENIED ME HAPPINESS NOW I WILL TAKE YOUR BODY IN PAYMENT" she yells in my face as she grabs my faces and forces me to kiss her as my eyes widen

'No! I can't let her win!' I think to myself as she slides her tongue into my mouth and I can feel the corruption spreading

'No...' I think as my body is getting weaker as I am loosing consciousness as well and before I knew it I fell unconscious

"I love you y/n now you're mine" is the last thing I hear before everything goes black

Salem POV
'I did it I did it!' I cheer to myself as I separate from y/n as his eyes have turn completely black and his body is limp as Grimm features start growing out of his back as spikes grow out and his eyes turn black with white and red pupils as I smile

"I finally have you y/n now you will love me as much as I did you long ago"


"Hey y/n wait for me!" A girl yells after a boy with a smile on his face and running away from the girl as her white hair flows in the wind as she stops to cry as he turns and sees her crying

"Salem?" The boy asks as he runs back to the crying girl as she wipes her tears

"I-I-i thought you were going to leave me just like my parents" Salem cries as her tears hit the floor as y/n hugs her and she hugs back crying into his shoulder

"Please don't ever leave me..."
"I promise to never leave you....."
"Y/n?" Salem asks as she looks up to see y/n gone and sees him leaving her behind

"Y/N DONT LEAVE PLEASE" Salem cries after him as he looks at her and sees her eyes

"Y-you made a deal with the devil..." Y/n says as Salem's skin turns white and her eyes turn pitch black with her pupils turn red and white

"I'm sorry Salem...." Y/n says as he turns and runs away from
Her as she sits there crying

"You liar.... you promised we would be together forever.... you promised me that you would never leave me..." Salem says while crying as she watches the boy she loved leave her and break a promise

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