The Battle of the Returned

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Your POV

You get up and yawn while stretching as you look at the time 

"8:25 huh?" you say as you get up and take a shower, after you do that you go out, get changed and ready for the day

"welp time to go and fight the teams of those gals" you sigh knowing that you might lose


"who would like to have a match?" Glynda says as you sigh and sit there as Team RWBY and JNPR get up and raise their hands at the same time

"so you two would like to fight each other?" Glynda asks but all the girls point to you as you get up and yawn

"lets do this" you say as you jump up and land softly on the arena as the two teams get their gear

"who might you be young man?" Glynda asks as you turn to her and give her a wink as she just looks at you unenthusiastic-ally

"aw come'on Glyndie give me at least a smile" you say as she freezes for a minute but then regains her composure

"where did you get that name from" she demands as you just laugh at her

"a now dead friend told me all about you girls and how he LOVED you and it was so disgusting" you say as she then becomes furious but does nothing because she can't do anything as she walks away saying something thinking you can't hear

"I hope they beat you you asshole" she mumbles as she gets ready as Team RWBY and JNPR shows up in their gear

"ready..set....begin" Glynda starts as they all charge at you as you draw your katana and slice at the air creating blue portals as you dash into them while flash-steping confusing the hell out of them as you run around and jump into the air as Yang sees you and loads up for a punch

"GOTCHA ASSHOLE" she yells but you open a portal so you make her punch mid air as you go into the portal and land softly on the other side of the arena

"haha weaklings getting confused form only that?" you sigh as you start slicing concentrated air slices into the portals as it picks up and starts to look like hundreds of air slices going through every portal while slashing and cutting both the teams as they try to block only for another slice to hit their backs

"STOP PLAYING DIRTY TRICKS" Yang yells as her hair and eyes glow and she charges at you pull out your chain-scythe and  spin it around as you catch the small scythe and get into a battle stance

Ruby POV

"wait that stance it can't be" I say to myself as I charge at Grazer with Cresent Rose spinning in my hand as I swipe at him for him to only Flash-step and throw his scythe at me as I block it but it wraps around Cresent Rose and he pulls it towards him as he catchs it

"hehe nice weapon here" he says as he raises his hand and sticks my scythe into the floor as he changes his chain-scythe into his gun mode and fires a barrage at me but Weiss creates a glyph to protect me as the shooting stops for only a full force punch shatters the glyph and sends me flying into Blake as she catchs me

"you ok?" she asks as I nod and get back up

"dammit this guy is an asshole and he is strong as hell" she says while getting her weapon ready as he walks towards us with his chain scythe spinning while he holds onto a part of it as we all ready ourselves

"weak just weak I can't believe he sacrifice for you clowns" he says as I feel anger build up inside me as I dash past him and pick up my Scythe as Blake and Weiss barrage him with attack just for him to wrap his chain around them and launch them at Jaune and Pyrrha who all go down with Jaune eliminated

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