Back at Beacon

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Your POV

You step out of the portal and star up at the night sky as you stretch out and yawn as you flash-step inside of Ozpins room as he doesn't notice you yet so you softly knock on a window gaining his attention as he nearly throws up his coffee as he sees you

"Y/N? is that you" he asks as you just smiles and give a salute sign as he sighs

"goodness you have changed over the 3 months you have been dead" he asks as you see him look at your hair

"what happened with that?" he asks as you points at his hair as you just shrug at him

"I don't actually know I only woke up a few hours ago and got beat by my aunt earlier who gave me this" you say while showing off your new cloths

"by any chance is i-" he says but you cut him off

" is her" you say as he just sighs and goes back to drinking his coffee

"anyways Oz I think I really do need t go to school here" you say as you cry on the inside as he just chuckles a bit

"really? didn't know someone at your caliber needs to be taught by ones weaker than him" he says jokingly as you just pout

"well I just need to do something" you say as he chuckles

"well tomorrow you have the same schedule as Team RWBY is that alright since all of their classes just randomly had one open spot" he says as you just sigh

"whatevs you got me in is ok with me" you say as he hands you your schedule and you go off into the elevator while giving Ozpin a wave in which he gladly returns as you walk down the empty dorms and find your dorm that you haven't went into for a while as you open the door and see it

"man its good to be here again" you say as you start getting undressed and going to take a shower as you realize that your dorm is RIGHT next to team JNPR and RWBY as you curse yourself

"DANMIT" you yell in your head as you turn off the shower, get dressed, and hide somewhere in the dorm as you turn off the lights making look pitch black with you almost invisible but your DAM HAIR shows where you are as you just put a blanket over your head hiding your hair

Ruby POV

"you hear that?" I ask as we all go silent and we all hear a shower going off right next to us which is..his room as our boyfriends try to get our attention again

"its just someone taking a shower no biggy" Neptune says while trying to kiss weiss as she just pushes him away lightly as we all get curious on who is in Y/N's room

"what do you mean no biggy no one has been in that dorm for 3 months so if someone is there then they are trespassing" Blake says as Sun hugs her from behind

"that doesn't matter we are here just to relax" He says as I just get up and look out the door and I see Nora and Pyrrha doing the same thing as we both move out of the door way 

"did you hear that?" Pyrrha says as I nod and Weiss, Yang, and Blake got out of the dorm as our boyfriends called our names but we ignored them

"do you think someone else was located here?" Nora asks as she looks at the door as suddenly the shower stops and we all turn to the door

"well only one way to find out" Pyrrha says as she goes up to the door and opens the door to show it is pitch black as we look inside seeing no one

"must've been our imaginations" Yang says but Blake's ears twitch

"someone is inside of their" she says as we turn on the lights to see Y/N's room

"see no one here" Yang says but Blake walks up to the bed and yanks off the covers showing a boy with pure white hair stare back at us as we all are shocked from this new kids appearance

"who are you" he asks as we all look at him

"no who are you?" Blake asks as he sits up and yawns

"names Grazer" he says as I just look at him

Pyrrha POV

"Grazer?" I ask myself as I remember Y/N using that as his fake name

"are you Y/N?" I demand as he looks up at us

"Y/n? like in Y/n Rose?" he asks as I nod and he jumps up

"Have you seen him? Its been a while since I have talked to him" he says as all of us just look away hiding our tears

"hes...gone" I say as Grazer just looked at us

"no he can't be dead he is really strong" he says as he looks at us with our sad expressions

"wait..he is?" Grazer says as we all nod our heads

"well....thats too bad" Grazer says without a care in the world as we all glare at him

"well I mean he died protecting you guys" Grazer says as we glare at him with more hatred as he laughs his ass off

"dam such a strong warrior dies for these girls?!?! hahaha he must've been drunk when h-" I interrupt him with a punch but he dodges

"haha don't worry we get to fight tomorrow so get out of my room and let me sleep" he says as we all want to kill him here and now but we soon retreat into our dorms


"oh boy cant wait to get out of this one" you say to yourself as the girls get out of your room

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