Getting back together

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3 years later

Ruby POV

Ozpin calls me and my team to his office and we all look at yang and ask her what she did this time

"what did you do now you dunce?" Weiss asks with cold tone

"what? I didn't do anything or so I hope.." Yang replies as she smiles a bit nevously

"well anyways we need to go there now" Blake says as we all head to the door

a short time skip showing a young Y/N eating a cookie

We walk into Ozpin's office as we sit down he turns to us and takes a sip from his mug

"well it seems like half of us are here time to wait for the others" he says and turns back to the window and gazes out into Vale

"what is happening Ozpin?" Blake asks as she is adjusting her bow

Suddenly team JNPR walks in and Ozpin finally turns back around and starts to talk

"well now that we are all here time to give you the briefing on your misson" he says taking a sip of coffee

"if its a mission is it really necessary for bringing two of the top teams we ha-?" Glynda asks as Ozpin puts his hand up silencing her

"now now Glynda this mission is important so we mustn't waste time" he says

"now there has been reports as there has been an extremely low grimm levels within a part of emerald forest and this lowering rate is spreading throughout Emerald forest and there have been reports as there have been a person living in the forest and the area this person lives in has a close to none level of grimm around so that is where you will be going and find his person" he says while pulling up the grimm levels throughout the forest

"so you just want us to hunt and find this person who is supposedly killing all the grimm?" I ask

he nods and turns his chair around

"well we better get going then!" yang says as she punches her hand

"just be careful that is why team JNPR is here as well" he says

We all are about to get out of our seats vut he then pulls up a picture of a person with all black and a strange mask on

btw this is what you look like

"this is a picture taken by someone that was saved by this individual while he was in Emerald Forest" Ozpin says

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"this is a picture taken by someone that was saved by this individual while he was in Emerald Forest" Ozpin says

"alright we now have our target" blake says as she gets up and we all follow and move out of Ozpin's office

no one POV

You walk through the forest and look for grimm to kill because you were starting to get hungry and was on the verge of eating random berries on a bush which you thought was a very bad idea

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