Falling with Green Colors

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Your POV

you where walking down the hall as you see a head of green hair in the crowd of people as you think of an evil plan to conquer the world

"lets do this" you say as you sneak up behind Emerald as you put your two hands on her shoulders as you almost yell

"BOO" you half yell as Emerald jumps in shock and jumps back form you as you chuckle and smile at her as she blushes and hits you with a fake punch as you chuckle and she stops

"never..do that again" she says as you pet her as she looks down and you chuckle

"sorry minty force of habit to do that" you say


"YOU SON OF A BI- oh Y/N don't ever do that again!!" six girls scream as you run away laughing as they chase you

flashback end

"yeaaaaaaaah i should stop that" you say to yourself as Emerald looks at you as she just sighs

"what do you want.." she asks looking away as you just shrug and stretch as you and her stare at each other for a second as a blush comes across her face as Cinder walks up to you two

"what are you two doing" she says in almost a cold tone as Emeralds head snaps towards her as you just tilt your head and look at her as your back is to Cinder 

"oh its your Cinder" you say as Emerald walks towards Cinder and stands behind her as you just look at them and yawn

"soo you guys want to hang?" you ask the two of them as Emerald just looked towards Cinder as Cinder looked at you as you chuckled

"alright i guess I will be off then cya guys" you say as you pull out your cube of magic and start messing with all the colors as you leave Cinder and Emerald looking at you 


"Cinder so you think we should report this to Mistress?" Emerald asks as I sigh and rub my temples

"he doesn't seem to be much of a threat its just he has those puppets? what are they anyways.." I say as I look back to Y/N as he walks into his dorm as something small and black appears on his shoulder

"Emerald did you see that?" I say as Emerald nods a bit and I think to myself

'what could that be..' I think to myself and we turn around and walk back to our dorm as Mercury is sitting down on his bed as he looks at his scroll

"Where have you two been?" he asks without looking from his scroll

"researching a worthy ally for the mistress" I say as he just sighs

"dont tell me its him.." he says as I sigh and put a hand under my elbow and put the other arm to my forehead as Emerald walks to her bed and jumps on it as she looks at her scroll and blushes for a slight second and quickly shuts off her scroll and buries her head into her pillow 

"whats wrong Emerald?" I ask

"n-nothing important.." she says as she hides her face

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