The Chocolate Bunny Date

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Your POV

"how does this look on me?" Coco asks as you look at her and almost fall out of your chair from how astonishing she is

"so astonishing Coco it fits you perfectly" you say giving her a thumbs up as she just becomes a tint of pink and goes back into the changing room

"y-y/n how does this look on me?" Velvet says as she comes out with a very revealing bikini as you cover your eyes and your nose

"hehe you sure do look sexy" you say as she blushes and goes back into the changing room


You and the two girls stopped by the ice cream parlor and sit down on the bench while you guys eat your own ice cream, you three seemed to be talking about clothes and what looks good on what 

"yeah and I liked purple on the yellow contact" Velvet says as you just look at her weirdly

"w-what" she says as you and coco giggle

"nothing~" Coco says as you lean in towards Velvet and you lick some ice cream from her cheek as she explodes into a blushing mess as you just smile and laugh as she looks down onto her ice cream and goes back to eating it

"your such a bad boy~" Coco says as you just face her only to have our lips met with hers as you melt into the kiss and you separate and look into each others eyes

"heh like that?" she asks as you just smirk at her as Velevt is puffing up as she grabs you and kisses you too which surprises both Coco and Yourself

"w-well did you like it?" she asks as you just pet her and lean closer to her ear

"of course its from you my little bun bun" you say as she just blushes deep red as you just smile and stand up and stretch and look back at the two of them and then look up out into the sky and see its dark with a starry night sky

"hey you two should head back ima stick around and maybe go to a bar" you joke as Velvet then grabs your hand

"your underage! you shouldn't go drinking" she says with a  firm tone as you just giggle and kiss her nose and she blushes

"im just kidding bun bun" you say as you pull her closer and kisses her and she blushes and pushes you away as you giggle

"cya girls later ok?" you wave as they both wave back and as soon as your out of sight you turn a corner

"im booooored ima go lighten up the mood for this Vale city" you say as you pull out your violin and jump up ontop of a roof

"here we go" you say and jump ontop of a house as you sit down with your feet hanging off the sides

"aaaaaaand lets get started" you say as you start to string your violin letting all the music flow

You play as everyone turns their head and listens to the music that you play and enchant the city with your music

Ruby POV

we were in out dorm until we started to hear that violin music again as we all looked outside our dorm room to see the same black figure playing while sitting on top of a roof

"who do you think that is?" Blake asks as we all just think about who could it be

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