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It had been a while. Ms. Newman was staying in late and it was well after 9pm, which was when the driver first arrived. We didn't care, though. I could tell that this was hurting Nathan terribly. It was hurting me too.

I tried to stay positive. "What's meant to be will  always be," I told him, but it felt like I was reminding myself. I knew I had to stay strong. I didn't want his last memory of me, for a while, to be filled with sadness.

I stared into his deep, hazel eyes. I couldn't imagine a future in which these eyes didn't exist. I couldn't imagine a future in which his smile didn't exist or his charming voice. I felt a sudden sharpness in my chest when I tried to imagine dating someone else, buying my first home with someone else, walking down the isle towards someone else, and I just couldn't. I didn't want to imagine those things.

Nathan looked down at his phone and I saw that the driver was blowing him up.

"Before you go I have to tell you something," I couldn't hide my nervousness, even though I had never been more ready to tell someone how I feel about them. "These last few months have changed my life. I will never forget you Nathan." And I didn't plan on letting either of us have the opportunity to forget.

His eyes met mine and I just knew...Everything was going to be just fine. "I love you." My voice was hardly above a whisper.

Nathan's eyes looked deeply into mine which just made me melt into a puddle. "I love you too," and then he leaned in and gave me the most incredible kiss of my life. It was soft and gentle, yet full of emotion.

We pulled away breathlessly and we both smiled despite the pain of leaving. "I love you so much," Nathan said. He held my hands as he stood up "I have a little something for you," then he pulled a necklace with a single diamond on it.

"It's beautiful," I said as I held my hair up so he could put it on me. It truly was. I had never seen a diamond so clear, and sparkly, before.

"It's a diamond that my grandmother, on my dads side, gave to me. I want you to have it so you will have a piece of me with you when I'm not around." He pulled me in for a tight hug.

"I'll miss you," I said into his shoulder.

He kissed my head and pulled away. "I'll miss you too, Katie."

He squeezed my hand and then let go. I watched as he walked out of the library and wave goodbye to Ms. Newman and then me. "Don't slam that door Billings!" Ms. Newman called after him, but it was too late. The door slammed loudly and I laughed to myself.

I gathered my purse and left to go back to my apartment.

It was completely dark inside and I quietly tip toed to the bathroom to change and then to my bedroom. I jumped into bed and turned on the TV.

The channel was on the sports channel that Nathan was watching earlier and they were interviewing some tennis player. I seemed to instantly fall asleep but not before I heard the player utter the line,"Sometimes it's during those times, in which everyone thinks everything is falling apart, that greatness is shown by having hope." And I had to smile because that was exactly what Nathan and I had... hope.


Thank you for reading this book! I had so much fun writing it but..... I'M HAVING EVEN MORE FUN WRITING THE SEQUEL! Check it out if you want more Nathan and Katie!

~Love Kenn :)

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