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A gentle, stream, of light hit my eyes. I slowly opened them and saw Nathan standing by the bedroom window, looking out.

He turned around and smiled,"Good morning sleepy head."

I giggled,"Good morning to you too."

He walked over and kissed my forehead,"I made some coffee. Do you want some?"

I nodded and then he, quickly, walked out of the room. Last night was perfect. After we, you know, kissed and stuff... we stayed up and talked for hours. I feel like I truly know nearly everything about him: his favorite color? Red. His biggest fear? Letting people down. His least favorite food? Shellfish because he's allergic.

"I'm back!" Nathan said as he set my mug on the table beside me. He then crawled into bed and began searching, frantically, for the remote. "Found it! No worries."

I laughed,"I wasn't worried."

He flipped on some sports news broadcast and I began to drink my coffee. After a few minutes Nathan looked over at his phone and sighed.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"My mom just texted to remind me that my driver will be here around 9 pm."

I looked down into my completely, empty, cup. I didn't say a word. How could I? When the person that you love is leaving and you don't know when you will ever see them again, what do you say?

I looked over and met Nathan's eyes. "We are about to make the most of today."

I nodded and smiled softly,"Good."


"I WOKE UP CHRIS BREEZY OH MY GOD I'M THE MAN!!" Kay scream-sang the lyrics to her new favorite song.

Derrick squeezed his eyes shut and stuck his fingers in his ears,"Ahhh!" He yelled as she sang on. We all laughed.

Suddenly my phone rang and I saw that it was Jade,"Hello?" I yelled over the radio.

"Where are you guys?" Jade questioned.

"We are almost there. Nathan is going ten under," I joked. At the moment Nathan stepped on the gas and the whole car jolted. I glared at him as he laughed,"Nevermind." I told Jade.

"Okay get here quick!" Jade said,"But be safe too!" And then she hung up. We arrived at the banquet hall just in time for Nathan's going away party.

Nathan wrapped his arm around me as we walked in. "Yay!" Everyone cheered,"He's here!" The hall was packed and it looked beautiful. Beautiful tapestry was hanging and lights were strung across the ceiling.

Some people, who I've never met, came over to talk to Nathan. I took this as an opportunity to sneak away.

I grabbed a water and headed out to the large balcony that looked out over the lake.


I turned and saw Janelle standing at the door. "Hi," I said.

She looked nervous as she tapped her glass of water,"You know I'm sorry about the way I treated you..."

I cut her off,"It's okay. I understand, Janelle, it was a tough situation."

She walked closer,"No. I was a brat and I'm sorry. You deserved a better roommate."

All I could do was smile softly.

She coughed into her fist and then nodded,"Well I wish you and Nathan the best."

"Same for you and Jay," I said to her kindly.

Her smile grew bright when I brought up her boyfriend.

"See you around." She said and then walked back inside to join in the festivities.

I stood on the balcony for a little longer and then I went back inside.

"There she is!" Nathan exclaimed when I walked in. I had no idea he was looking for me.

He wrapped an arm around me and walked me over to one of the, many, tables.

"Nathan we all wanted to give you a gift," Miles said as he slid a box down to the end of the table. All our friends watched as Nathan took his arm off me and began unwrapping the box.

I peaked over his shoulder because I didn't know what would be in it. To my surprise it was filled with stuff: pictures of Nathan and everybody at the cafe, t shirts with the school's mascot, his favorite foods, and letters from everyone that he was told to read on the plane if he's bored.

He thanked everyone and a few cried as the party began to come to a close.

"That was so amazing," Nathan said as we all got into the car.

"We're glad you liked it. We've all been planning to though you a going away party, but we didn't think it would come so soon," Kay said.

The mood turned more solemn as everyone took in the fact that this was our last night with Nathan.We parked Miles' car in the lot and began to head off towards our places.

I turned right but Nathan grabbed my hand and pulled me left,"Where are we going?"

Nathan squeezed my hand,"The driver is picking me up near the library. I thought we could hang out there until then."

I thought back to the night we met and I just knew that it would only be a matter of time before I started crying...

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