Moving Day

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When we walked into the lobby of the apartment building, all of the boxes where still sitting there on the floor. Janelle was nowhere in sight.

"Wow. This is a lot of crap," Nathan said sighing.

"Yeah she's... interesting" I said just as the elevator doors dinged and in struts Janelle. Her perfect, golden, long hair bounced as she walked out into the lobby. I was not going to lie, she looked like a goddess. Honestly I'm going to have to borrow her shampoo.

I watched as her dark brown eyes darted over to Nathan and she smiled. I then looked over at Nathan and saw the look in his eyes as she approached. My stomach felt like it was filled with cement. He looked like he just saw the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. She must've said something because he laughed joyfully which only things worse... why was I so jealous?

"Umm Katie?" She said sweetly.

I snapped my head away from Nathan and looked at her. I found myself growing more and more envious as I realized, physically, this girl was everything I wanted to be. No wonder he was floored when he saw her. "Yes," I said dryly.

"Could you introduce me to your friend?" Her voice was about ten times sweeter than it was when we first met and I suddenly found myself at the end of my rope.

"Yeah this is Nathan," I looked down at a box and then grabbed it and began walking to the elevator.

I heard laughter behind me as the doors closed behind me. I hate this.... actually I don't even like him so I shouldn't care!

The doors opened and I walked into the apartment. I set the box down and jut as I was about to leave Nathan and Janelle walked in together. Nathan was carrying two boxes and Janelle was carrying a vacuum cleaner.

"Wow so this is your place? I love the plants," Nathan said setting down the box.

"Yeah..." I was quickly interrupted by Janelle who has only been a resident here for a solid 15 minutes.

"Yep this is the place. I just love plants so much! I brought a few with me too. I think they are still downstairs though, so these are all Katie's."

I stood there as I watched her talk and grew more and more annoyed. I walked into the bathroom to try and calm myself... this is nothing. This is nothing. This is nothing. This isn't working.

I stared at my reflexion and all I could see was how I was so unlike Janelle. She had long, golden brown, hair. I had dark and 'short' hair. She had a perfectly toned body while I had absolutely no muscle and the smallest butt ever in this worlds history.

Once I felt that I've shredded myself to pieces, I walked out and found Janelle playfully rubbing Nathan's arm...puke.

"Okay guys lets finish bringing up the boxes." I announced as I slammed the door of the apartment behind me. I then walked to the stairs and raced down them as quickly as I could.

After about a half hour we had all the boxes up in the apartment and Janelle had caressed Nathan's bicep a trillion times. She had also invited him to stay fro dinner which I ended up cooking as they flirted in the living room.

I dumped a fist full of spaghetti into a boiling pot. Janelle and Nathan were getting along pretty well... They were watching  an NCAA basketball game and laughing as they talked. Maybe she wouldn't be so bad to have around... I mean she may have just been nervous when we first met. Flirting might help take the edge off for her.

I began to prepare the tomato sauce when Janelle came into the kitchen, "So Nathan is hot as hell."

I laughed as I diced tomatoes, "You guys seem to be getting along well."

She rolled her eyes, "I'm flirting hard core but I'm not getting much back," She filled two glasses with ice water and set them in the counter, "Do you know if he has a girlfriend?"

I shook my head, "No clue." Oh my goodness. Why have I never thought that he might have a girlfriend? Of course he has one he's amazing! I've only known him for two days and I already think the world of him. I literally set myself up for failure.

"Oh well. It doesn't matter anyway," She sang out.

I looked up at her. There is no way I heard that correctly. That had to have been a joke.

She smirked, "Oh come on! Nobody is ever REALLY loyal."

"I guess that's true... I would just be careful with him." I dumped the tomatoes into the sauce.

"It would just be sex so, like, no biggie if he has one you know?" She grabbed the glasses and wiggled her eyebrows as she left the kitchen.

Who the hell thinks like that? Is it just me or should that not be an okay thing to do...?

Once the pasta was ready I plated it and brought it out to the living room where the two love birds where sharing a blanket.

"Dinner's ready," I said coldly and then I took my own plate and walked back over to the small balcony where I had previously set up a tiny table and two chairs. I took a seat and sighed as I ate my spaghetti.

"Hey," I heard a soft voice say.

I spun around and found Nathan leaning up against the, opened, french doors. His arms were crossed and he wore a goofy smile on his face. Just looking at him made my heart beat faster.... I hated that he could do that. "Hey," I nodded my head and looked down at my food.

"Why are you out here alone?" He uncrossed his arms and sat in the other chair. His eyes met mine and my mind, for the first time all day, shut up. We were just there in the moment. The clear sky and the full moon. The glow from the city's lights and the soft ocean breeze blowing around us. That's when I realized that I was truly over reacting about everything. I'm such an over thinker and this was a prime example of it. No matter what I wanted in life what was meant to be will be, so why worry? Also I realized that we both had been looking into each other's eyes for a long time... not that I'm complaining... they were a pretty sight. But, nobody has looked into my eyes the way he is right now. I felt like he was actually searching for something deep inside of me. I felt like he was figuring me out piece by piece. I wanted to let him in. For some odd reason I trusted the hell out of him.

Why are you alone? Oh yeah! I forgot he asked that, "I just needed to think," I tried to say but it came out as a whisper.

His eyes where still locked with mine until suddenly he looked down and began to tap his hand on the table, "Do you like Janelle?" He asked looking out into the city.

I shook my head, "I don't really know yet. She's the complete opposite of me though."

He cocked his head to the side and looked at me, "You really think so?"

I gave him a soft smile, "Thank you," I began, "For doing this last minute and for hanging out here all day. It means a lot."

"Anytime. Really. You know I've only known you for a little while but for some reason I like being around you," He stood up and pushed in the chair. When he said those words I felt my chest tighten. He feels it too? "I've got to get going but if you aren't doing anything tomorrow text me."

I held a hand up,"I don't have your number."

He smiled,"Janelle does I'll ask her to send it to you so it's easier."

And with that he walked back into the apartment. I heard Janelle's sickly sweet voice say her goodbyes and then the lights shut off in the kitchen and living room.

I sat outside for what felt like eternity just staring up at the moon, and finally I went inside, changed into warm PJ's, and tucked myself into bed. I could only hope that tomorrow would be better.

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