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I leaned in and kissed Nathan. It wasn't anything crazy, but my heart felt like it was going to explode the second my lips left his soft mouth.

His eyes where wide for a split second and then he sucked in a breath,"So I'm forgiven?"

I laughed,"Yeah you're forgiven."

His eyes flickered down to my mouth and then back to my eyes. I smiled and he brought his lips down to mine. A strange, warm, feeling enveloped me as his hand moved from mine to to my back pulling me closer to him. Without even thinking my hand reached up and caressed his cheek, softly. His warm lips fit perfectly against mine. His soft nose brushed against my cheek as he moved his mouth down my neck. I couldn't help but sigh. This felt so right!

I felt him chuckle into my skin as he made his way back up to my mouth. We kissed one last time before pulling away from each other. His eyes were dark as they stared into mine. In that moment I felt so, unbelievably, happy. No man has ever made me feel the way Nathan does. Maybe it was all happening fast, but I knew there was something to him and I.

Suddenly Nathan's gaze shifted from my eyes to the ground,"I have something to tell you." When his eyes met mine again they seemed to be filled with sadness.

I reached over and brushed my fingers through his dark hair,"What is it?"

"I'm going to start dating Janelle."

For some reason this wasn't as soul crushing as I thought it would be. I kind of figured that this was what was going to happen. I'm guessing it will just be for a little while. "For how long?"

He shook his head,"At least until this all dies down."

"Why?" I asked him. I seriously didn't understand why this all had to happen. Couldn't he just not care about what everyone thought and do what he wanted?

He moved to sit beside me on the couch,"Because my family has an image to keep up and if that image is tarnished, by say a playboy college student, then that would potentially destroy the image that my father markets to the public.... My dad doesn't have an actual job he is just an image. So am I. So is all of my family."

I nodded as a attempted to wrap my head around this,"So do you really want to be with her?"

He gulped,"As of now I don't think she's the worst person to be in a relationship with. I've heard about her around campus and she seems to be a social and confident girl..."

"That's a poor answer Nathan," I spat out ,"If you didn't HAVE to would you still be interested in her?"

He stared up at the ceiling,"Maybe." He then looked down at me,"I don't care about her the way I care about you though."

"You care about me?" I asked.

"Of course I do! I know you care about me too," he smiled.

I rolled my eyes,"That was before I found out you had a thing for Janelle."

He sighed," Really? Your going to be like that?"

My eyes widened,"Are you serious? We just had an incredible kiss and right after you tell me that you have a girlfriend, and want to be with her, but you care about me more. Of course I'm going to pull back Nathan."

"You're getting me all wrong. I would never cheat on Janelle..."

"You just did." I crossed my arms over my chest.

He shot me a glare,"We aren't dating yet."

"So are you just going to take her out to be photographed a few times or are you going to be legit dating?"

He thought for a second,"I'm just going to come out as a couple publicly and play it off as such to people. The only ones who know this has alternative motives are Miles, you, her, and my family. That is pretty badly going g to change but hopefully the number will stay low. The less people who know the better. That way we can move on quicker with our lives."

"So what happens after everything gets back to normal?" I asked.

He looked me in the eye,"I don't know."

I nodded and then nervously asked the question I had wanted to know the answer to for a while now,"Would you ever want to be with me?"

He smiled softly,"Absolutely. I just don't know if, after all of this is done, you would want to be with me. Or if I can even date for a while."

I sat up and clapped my hands,"Well for the record I like you a lot and I want to be with you too."

He chuckled,"Glad we got that straightened out." His face grew a bit more serious,"I hate that I have to put you through this Katie. I'm so so sorry."

I got up and leaned over to kiss his forehead,"You're worth the wait," I started heading over to the second bedroom, were I've been staying the past few days and turned around ,"I think."

As I shut the bedroom door I could hear him laughing. It was such a wonderful sound. I just felt like I was on cloud 9. I kissed him! He likes me! But we can't be together... yet.

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