The Posse and the Past

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After the most stressful day of classes, I walked over to the campus cafe. It was small yet it seemed like everyone was in there.

I filed into the long line and then began scrolling through my phone.

"Well well well!"

I spun around and instantly smiled when I saw that familiar pair of hazel eyes."Nathan!" I exclaimed,"What are you doing here?"

He laughed which only made me smile more... I made him laugh!

"I'm here to meet some friends." He leaned up against the wall and nodded over to a large group of people, all huddled in a booth, in the corner.

One guy with light blonde hair was watching. When he saw Nathan nod he waved.

"That's Miles," Nathan said to me.

Miles stood up and began walking over,"Hey Nate who's this?" He asked extending his hand out.

"This is Katie. She's a freshman."

Miles smiled,"Well I hope you're enjoying it here! I promise it will only get easier from here. You're pretty lucky to have Nate to help you," Miles nudged Nathan and he rolled his eyes.

I laughed,"Yeah I know."

"If you aren't busy, Katie, you can sit with us!" He motioned towards the table, where I noticed,  everyone was staring at us.

There were so many of them. I couldn't hide the fact that sitting with them made me nervous as heck, but I've got to push myself more. "Yeah I'd love to!"

Miles patted Nathan on the back and smiled,"Alright! I'm gonna go sit back down. You two have fun."

As Miles retreated, Nathan rolled his eyes,"You really don't have to sit with us if you don't want to," he looked over at me with sympathetic eyes.

"I really want to. Unless you don't want me to," the look us his face changed quickly to shock.

"Do you think I don't want to hang out with you? Because that is so far from the truth!"

I laughed,"No I just don't want to barge into your group."

He shook his head,"You're always welcome to hang out with me and my friends."

I smiled,"Vice versa."

He looked down at me with a peaceful smile. His eyes seemed livelier than ever as they locked with mine. I suddenly felt a rush of nerves as my face heated up. I looked down at the floor and I dragged my foot across a tile. I heard Nathan lightly cough and when I looked over he too seemed a little flushed...



Once we had our food, Nathan and I walked over to the large booth. They had already made room for us, which made me feel less nervous about sitting with them.

I sat down with Nathan across from me and a girl with crazy bright blue eyes to my right.

She smiled at I sat down,"Hi I'm Tess!" She exclaimed.

I smiled back, trying to mimic her enthusiasm,"I'm Katie it's nice to meet you."

"Katie! We have the same name!" A girl on the other side of the massive booth with curly blonde hair exclaimed. "I go by Kay though."

"Really? I've never heard of a Katie going by Kay before. That's really cool!" I took a bite of my sandwich.

Miles chimed in after whispering some stuff to Nathan,"Why don't we just go around and introduce ourselves to Katie?"

A few people rolled their eyes and one guy said,"Alright professor." Which made a few laugh.

Miles started,"You know me I'm Miles.."

A girl with her black hair and pale skin smiled,"I'm Jade." She seemed like the most calm one there.

Miles coughed,"Also my girlfriend."

She sighed,"Sadly."

Everyone laughed and next was a girl with red hair and brown eyes named Ally. Beside Ally was another girl whose name was Hadley.
At the far end of my side of the booth was Cole, Kay's twin brother, Zane who had dark hair and was incredibly tall and then Derrick. Derrick was definitely the funny one of the group. He kept commenting things when everyone was introducing themselves.

"So tell us about yourself Katie," Ally said as she took a sip of her mango smoothie.

I squirmed a bit in my seat as I calmed my nerves,"Well I'm from Illinois..."

Ally's eyes budged out of her head,"I am too! What part?"

I smiled as I remembered my home in Chicago. We had a fairly average home in the suburbs. That was all before my dad cheated and my mom moved to this town to be closer to the only family she has left, me.


She nodded,"I'm from the southern part. Pretty different from Chicago."

I smiled,"You could say that. Have you ever been?"

Zane spoke up,"Actually my grandparents used to live there so I would visit every summer! I loved it. Even thought of going to school there."

Soon after his comment everyone started talking about places they've been, and places they wanted to go to school at. I learned that Miles and Hadley had went to the same high school and both visited colleges together. I thought that was really interesting. And Nathan chose this, small, school  because it was so different from his life back in London. With the bustling streets and countless tabloids, he found comfort in the school's size and privacy.

Once we all finished eating everyone agreed to hang out again sometime. Nathan walked with me to throw our trash away and we both walked outside together.

"Want to go to the library?" He asked stuffing his hands into his pockets.


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