Meant to be

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I was so screwed.

"I hate country music," Nathan laughed into the crook of my neck as we swayed back and forth.

I laughed too and I closed my eyes as I laid my head on his broad shoulder. I could feel his heart beating softly in his chest. His hands where wrapped around me so carefully, I felt like a glass doll.

I remember arriving at this massive party and feeling so out of place. Until Nathan saw me and practically shoved me onto the dance floor. We danced together for a few up beat songs until this started playing. I started to leave but his reached out for my arm,"Where are you going?" He asked me with soft eyes.

"I'm going to wait this song out."


"Because you want to dance with someone else for it.. right?" Wasn't that the usually thing? Don't guys dance with girls they like during these songs? I didn't want to deprive him of that chance.

He shook his head like I was crazy,"No." He then brought me closer and sighed,"I was wanting to dance with you." His eyes looked deeply into mine. All I could do was nod.

After a few seconds he brought his head to my shoulder and that's where we are now.

I never wanted to leave him and in that moment it felt mutual. I could've swore that as the song came to a close he held me a bit tighter.

"Katie?" I felt a tap on my shoulder. Nathan's head lifted and I turned to look at who it was. It was Ally. "I need your help with something."

I nodded and turned back to Nathan who looked a bit confused,"I'll be back."

He nodded still a little out of it.

I followed Ally through the crowd and into the kitchen where Jade and Kay where filling shot glasses. Kay shot me a quick smile as I walked in,"Good you brought some help!"

Ally handed me bags of chips,"Can you pour these into some bowls and once they are all gone take them out there and scatter them around?"

I smiled,"Yep."

Ally giggled as I opened a bag and began dumping he contents,"You guys will never believe where I found, dear, Katie here." She motioned towards me and my face felt heated but I didn't care. I was still on cloud 9.

Jade gasped,"Making out?!"

"No but your warm," Ally said.

I rolled my eyes,"Not really."

"She was dancing!" Kay raised her hand like she was answering a question in class.

Ally pointed excitedly,"Yes but with who!?"

Kay then turned and pointed at me,"Nate!"

Ally laughed,"Yes!"

"How did you figure it out?" I questioned Kay.

"Because you so like him!" She stated.

"I'm not denying nor am I confirming..." I emptied bag number one and started on the next.

"He likes you too." Jade added.

My jaw dropped as I met her all too serious eyes,"I doubt that." I muttered.

She sighed,"Of course you do."

I laughed,"I think he just wants to be friends."

Ally grabbed a chip from the bowl and smiled,"It may not happen right now but trust me when I say that you both are meant to be."

"Yeah we already placed bets," Kay stated.

Jade laughed,"Secret bets loud mouth."

I smiled and found myself imagining what it would be like to be with Nathan... being able to tell him how I felt about him whenever I wanted, being able to spend as much time with him as I could, being able to introduce him to my family... wait couldn't I do that now? Would that be too weird?

"Guys would I be weird to bring a guy friend to meet your parents?" I asked.

Jade shook her head,"I introduced Miles to my parents way before we started dating. In fact it was because of my parents that I really began to love him," she shrugged,"If you value their opinion I would take Nathan home with you soon."

I nodded as I absorbed what she was saying.

"What if it's not Nathan she's talking about?" Kay asked.

Ally rolled her eyes,"Its Nate, Kay."

We finished all of the kitchen tasks and I rushed out to find Nathan. When I did he was talking to a very flirtatious Janelle. Her hand kept brushing his arm and she giggled. That was until her eyes met mine. Her smile fell as I approached. "Hey Katie," she said in the most fake voice ever.

Nathan spun around and smiled at me,"You're back! What did Ally need it's been like half an hour!"

I laughed as I thought back to our talk in the kitchen,"They needed my help refilling chips."

Janelle grabbed his hand and smiled,"We were just about to go dance," Nathan looked at her,"Right?" She questioned.

"Yeah I guess," he looked back at me,"Wait for me."

And just like that he was dragged into the crowd and I lost sight of him. So I got out my phone and texted my mom: I think I'm going to bring a friend over this weekend. Is that okay?

And I waited... which was something I soon would be a pro at.

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