Let's Chit Chat

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"YO Ms. Newman! What up?"

Nathan waltz into the library with a proud smile on his face. I was right behind him until he turned and rolled his eyes.

"What?" I laughed.

"You are always hiding behind me," he sighed and gestured for me to walk beside him.

"Well you walk to fast!" I countered.

His bottom lip pouted as he mocked me,"Awe it's okay, baby."

I was the one to roll my eyes this time,"Whatever."

Nathan laughed. I realized that we were headed towards the secret spot where I found Nathan, that one day, at the table.

"So what are we going to do?" I asked.

He turned his head and smiled,"Homework... does that sound fun?"

I nodded sarcastically,"Very! I can't wait!"

I sat down at the round, white table and Nathan sat across from me. A small potted plant was in between us and Nathan moved it to the side of the table. "Let's chit chat," he stated as he folded his hands together, diplomatically.

I couldn't help but smile,"Chit chat?"

"Yes ma'am."

I too folded my hands and winked. He smiled, suppressing a laugh. "Okay sir, I want to ask you some questions first though."

"Shoot darlin."

"What is your full name?"

"Nathanial Jayson Henrick Billings."

I took a deep breath,"That's a mouthful."

He nodded,"I don't even have the worst one in the family. Mines actually pretty average."

"I totally forgot about your family," I said tapping my fingers on the table softly.

"Yep your looking right into the eyes of royalty." He said in a posh voice.

I laughed,"Okay okay next question."

After a solid hour of talking with Nathan, and his frequent commenting, I had officially run out of questions.

I learned more about his sisters, Maddison and Morgan, and his parents. They all had a very special place in his heart. He absolutely lit up when he talked about them.

"I should take you to London sometime. It's beautiful there." He smiled over at me.

My face felt heated as I thought of going to one of my bucket list locations, London, with someone who I was so quickly beginning to admire. "I'd love that."

Suddenly Nathan's phone chirped and he looked down,"So Aly wants us all to meet up for a party," he looked up and flashed the most enticing smile ever,"You in?"

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