Hopefully, Soon to Be...

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I let the scoff out before I even had a moment to think. I saw Janelle stiffen but she never did anything.

Relieved, I looked over at Nathan who was smiling to himself and trying to hold back a laugh. His eyes met mine and he broke out into a light chuckle.

I couldn't help but smile too,"Why are you laughing?"

He shook his head still smiling,"You," he stood up and put his phone in his pocket,"We need to talk when you have a minute."

His tone made me feel like he was hiding a surprise from me. I raised an eyebrow,"I'm free right now."

Suddenly Jax came jogging in,"You ready?" Shoot! I looked at Nathan, on the other side of the island.

He leaned in and whispered,"Come see me right as you get back," his brown eyes glowed with excitement as he pulled away. I couldn't find my voice so I just nodded.

In a whirlwind I was whisked away by Jax. My mind was still with Nathan and I found it difficult to focus on any conversation Jax tried to start up. It wasn't his fault. He was cute, nice, and friendly. He was the type of guy that I would proudly bring home and my mom would swoon over. I hated myself for always wanting Nathan. Over and over again I would try to imagine being with another guy and I just couldn't. I cared so deeply about Nathan and I just knew that there had to be a reason for that.

"You aren't a frozen yogurt girl are you?" Jax questioned as he ate the last of his yogurt.

I sighed,"I'm sorry Jax."

He shook his head and placed his hand on mine,"There is nothing to be sorry for. I can't force you to have a good time if you don't want to be here."

I smiled,"You're a good guy Jax."

He smiled too,"Just not a good guy for you."

I looked down at the table. I had a choice: either live a life where I dated like any normal college student, or live a life where I chased after Nathan. My decision became obvious when I looked up and met Jax's piercing blue eyes. "Yeah, but I think I know which guy is..."


Nathan's Pov:

Clean up.

I ran my fingers, anxiously, through my hair as I knocked on Janelle's door. She knew the deal and this wouldn't be a shock but I was still scared that she would break my face or something.

She opened it and her smile fell,"Don't."

I took a deep breath,"Why? I told you that I would need to eventually."

Tears began to fall down her face,"Please don't do this to me I love you!"

My eyes widened,"What? How?"She was sobbing now and began gulping for air. "Janelle!" I helped her sit onto the bed and held her in my arms until she stopped crying. I believe Janelle is not a bad person. She, like so many others, does not understand. She doesn't understand what it's like to be loved or love someone truly. So many of my friends are the same way as her. Everything is about image and money. I realize now that what I did with Janelle was for the same purpose; image and money...

Her breathing slowed and her crying stopped. She pulled away,"What am I going to do?"

I felt terrible,"You are a wonderful person deep inside Janelle. I know you have the potential to do some amazing things for this world..."

She rolled her eyes,"I doubt that."

I wiped away her tears,"Well nobody has ever been honest with you like I am now. You believe what other tell you about yourself, Janelle, and that girl is just not you." I stood up and walked to the door,"I know you will find yourself soon. When you do be prepared for something great to come your way."

She smiled softly at me,"Go get her."

I nodded and found myself smiling when I was reminded of what all of this was for; Katie.

I sped off towards the kitchen and pulled up my laptop. I called my mom on the phone and told her that I broke up with Janelle and I needed that leak it to the press. She wasn't super pleased but I really didn't care. This was my life and she can't force me to do anything to save the image of my family, anymore. Within minutes I got notifications popping up about my break up. Everyone from TMZ to my dad were asking questions. I smiled as I watched the event play out on my computer screen. It was all over.

I quickly shut the laptop and raced outside. This had to be good. I grabbed some flowers out of the potted plants and had Kay and Jade help me set up a blanket with flowers and candles all around. No, that was not my idea.

"I just can't wait to see her face!" Kay squealed as she dusted the sand of her legs.

"You won't be here when she sees it," Jade stated. "We will be inside...," Kay pouted her lips,"Where we belong...," Kay still poured,"Because this is a special moment for them..."

"Fine." Kay slapped her hands down on her hips,"But please tell us what her face looked like!" Kay pleaded to me.

I laughed,"Alright, I will."

She squealed and clapped her hands,"I love surprising people!"

The sun was beginning to set and my heart was racing. What if she says no? I had no time to think because Cole came racing out of the house,"She's here!"

I dusted off the sand and hurried inside to greet my, hopefully soon to be, girlfriend.

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