Parents and Loosing Patience

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^^^psssst!!! That's Janelle^^^

Ring Ring Ring!

I glanced over at my phone and saw my mom's picture pop up. I quickly set my popcorn on the coffee table and answered,"Hello?"

"Katie! How are you sweetie? I haven't seen you since you cancelled on me. Where have you been?" She spoke rapidly with enthusiasm.

I sighed. It has been a little over a month since I've seen my mom. I didn't go home my first weekend since I was busy with Nathan and I had to cancel on my mom. She was pissed. At the time though I didn't care. I just wanted to be around Nathan.

Of course the universe had different ideas and he was now in a picture perfect, whirlwind romance, with my roommate Janelle. I haven't talked to him in days and I soon realized that pretty much, almost, all hope is lost. He is head over heels for her...

"Yeah I've just been busy with my classes and such. This one intro to history class I'm in is super difficult." I talked to her as I watched the T.V.

"Oh I'm sorry sweetie... you're at the apartment?" she asked.

"Yep." I reached over and grabbed a handful of popcorn.

"Okay I'm on my way with some food!" she shouted and then hung up the phone.

Oh no! I scrambled off the couch and raced to the bathroom. My reflection was looking rough so I bolted next door to Janelle's room. She has been gone all weekend and was probably not coming back anytime soon.

When I opened the door I found my box of facial wipes that she had borrowed and brought them back to the bathroom. Then I scrubbed. I hate to admit it but I had been crying a lot these past few days. It's so hard to control my jealousy when it comes to Janelle. Her life is perfect. She has loving parents, two sisters, and a massive house in D.C. Now she has Nathan.

I would be lying if I said I didn't care about Nathan. We got along so well and we really became close friends. Now I just don't know.

I began scurrying around and picking things up, as I thought back to the visit from Miles and Jade. I've gotten really close to them too. They both came over for dinner and I remember Miles sitting me down and explaining that Nathan truly was starting to fall for Janelle. I felt like my heart was sinking into my stomach. And then I got mad. How could he have led me on? Why her and not me? So for the past week I've either been crying or screaming. I remember the next day Janelle came home from her friend's dorm and waltzed into my room.
   I can still hear her cheerful voice saying,"Guess who is going on a trip with Nathan?"

  I remember feeling like I could cry any second as she explained everything that they were going to do together and telling me that they might even do "it". She just kept talking and talking about how Nathan loves her so much. That's when I realized that nothing is ever going to happen between me and him. I tried texting and calling but he ignored me. I wouldn't say I gave up I just let go.

Finally the apartment was clean and I waited for my mom.

"The food's great mom," I said as I shoved more chicken into my mouth.

"Thanks love," she smiled and began eating too.

A few minutes of silence passed and when I looked over at her she was staring at me,"What?"

She shook her head,"Something's wrong with you. Have you been smoking? Have you been out late at night?"

I laughed,"Neither. I've been in the apartment every night."

"Where's Janelle?" My mom asked,"I haven't met her in person yet just pictures."

I sucked in a breath,"She's out with her boyfriend."

My mom nodded,"I've seen the paper Nathan Billings right?"

I nodded quickly then took a gulp of my water.

"That must be fun right? You're roommate is dating someone famous!" She tried to get me excited but I just wasn't having it.

"Actually no it's not that fun." I snapped.

Her eyes widened,"What's you're problem? I'm just trying to talk to my daughter who I haven't seen in a MONTH!"

I sighed and rubbed my forehead. I needed to get it together. "I'm sorry mom. I've just been stressed out lately."

"That's understandable but you shouldn't snap on people like that," she lectured.

I nodded and then continued eating. After we finished we moved to the couch and she talked about her new job and how grandma was doing. I knew what was coming next and I was dreading it. "Your father," she started,"wants to see you."

I rolled my eyes,"I don't want to see him."

"Please. He's been blowing me up and he won't stop until he gets to visit."

"Fine." What else could go wrong in my life?

"Great I'll let him know! I think he wants to visit as soon as possible so be ready and read his texts."

I nodded. And suddenly the door blasted open. Janelle stood there with bags in her hand and a smile plastered on her face. Behind her stood Nathan. When his brown eyes met mine my heart started racing. He kept staring at me as Janelle threw her bags down and introduced herself to my mom. They even stayed on me as I invited everyone to sit down. As Janelle and my mom talked I would glance over and he would be looking at me. Then he would look away, but he always came right back.

"Okay well Nathan probably has to get going right, babe?" Janelle said in a sweet tone.

I looked over at Nathan and his eyes locked with mine. What is his deal? He quickly looked away and smiled over at her,"Yeah."

She followed him to the door and then hugged him goodbye. He looked over at me and smiled. I didn't return to gesture. "Bye Nathan! It was a pleasure to meet you," my mom called out.

He smiled over at her. It was the same smile that I fell for weeks ago,"The pleasure is all mine." His accent caused his words to roll off his tongue like caramel. I missed that sound. It was so beautiful and I took it for granted. His eyes met mine and there was an emotion in them that I just couldn't make out. "Goodbye."

The door shut and Janelle sighed,"Well I'm off to bed! I'll talk to you tomorrow Katie!" She skipped off towards her room.

My mom looked down the hall and waited for Janelle to shut her door. Then she raced across the living room to the couch I was on, "Young lady we have to talk."

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