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This chapter is hecka long so grab a snack and get ready because ish gets real.

"This," Kay held up a triangle bikini top that left nothing to the imagination,"You have to bring this to the beach."

Jade laughed,"Yes she will look like every other whore that the boys bring along."

I rolled my eyes and then began to try and find my size in a more modest top. I held one up to me and sighed,"None of these are cute."

Kay smiled,"Would you please let me pick some stuff out for you? I promise you will love it!"

Jade shot me a look and mouthed, don't.

Kay saw and gasped,"I am great at picking outfits!"

Jade smiled,"Okay."

Kay turned to me with wide eyes,"Please please please please please..."

I cut her off,"Fine! Your budget is 80 dollars go nuts."

She squealed as she raced off and began searching.

Jade walked over to me,"This trip is going to be fun I promise."

I nodded,"I hope."

She patted my back,"You are going to meet someone who is truly great and can kick Nathan's ass!"

I laughed,"We'll see."

"How is Janelle anyway? I've only met her once."

I sighed,"Great. She is constantly out with Nathan so I haven't talked to her too much about him."

Jade shrugged her shoulders,"Maybe that's a good thing."

There was a moment of silence and then Jade held up a hand,"Wait. Did you say she's always out with Nathan? Like how often?"

I thought back,"Well almost every weekend and at night."

Janelle's eyes widened,"Katie are you serious?"

I nodded growing more confused by the second.

"Was she with him this past weekend? Did she tell you that?"

I nodded again.

Jade broke down into laughter,"Geez that girl is such a liar! Nathan was in New York visiting his parents...alone."

I gasped,"What?"

She smiled and nodded,"Honest."

I thought about everything for a second,"Why would she lie though?"

Jade shrugged,"Like I would know. The girl has some pretty interesting rumors floating around. One being that she is very unfaithful."

"No! You aren't saying that..."

"I am." Jade said.

Kay raced over,"Okay hold this up!" It was a cream colored tank top that had lace details. I held it up and Kay covered her mouth,"It's beautiful!" Jade rolled her eyes. "Let me go find some jeans!" Kay grabbed the top and raced off again.

Jade smiled,"If worst comes to worst this weekend at least you will have us to keep you company."

I smiled as the warm, ocean, air grazed through my fingers. Miles was driving us and he had the radio turned all the way up on some 90's R&B song that I had never heard. I closed my eyes and breathed in the salty wind. I found so much peace in the ocean. Ever since I was little, the beach has always been my "happy place". I turned and saw Kay smiling beside me. She too was watching out the window.

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