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The pic up above is of Miles, but I ENCOURAGE you to imagine anyone you want for any of my characters. That's half the fun of reading!!! :)

    The next day I was feeling like a new man. I was able to get out of bed and not throw up after eating. Katie and Miles had hung around all weekend with me and we were all together in the living room of my apartment, watching TV, when my phone rang.

Miles was close to it and he picked it up,"Hello Mrs. Billings," He said.

I looked over with wide eyes. My mom NEVER called me. She only called if there was an emergency so it was no surprise when Miles handed the phone to me and mouthed good luck.

The second I said hi my mom went off,"Nathan! Oh my gosh you are in so much trouble young man! Have you lost your mind son!?"

I closed my eyes as I gathered my thoughts,"What is this about?"

She did one of those laughs but it wasn't a funny one it was like an 'Oh boy I can't believe you just asked that'. "The picture Nathan," she paused,"You have seen the picture right?"

"No." I was suddenly very scared and I turned to Katie,"Do you know anything about a picture?" She shook her head.

"Well," my mom started,"Look online and call me when you are ready to talk about this."

She hung up and I immediately googled my name. Instantly an article appeared titled Billings Gone Bad. I clicked on it and saw so many pictures of me dancing with Janelle and downing shots. Oh God no. There was even one with me kissing Janelle, but I had no memory of that.

"Guys," I said as I showed them my phone. Katie scooted beside me on the couch and gasped.

Miles rubbed his mouth,"You screwed up big time," he grabbed my phone,"I don't even remember you kissing her!"

"Should we get her over here?" Katie questioned.

I shook my head,"I should see what my mom says to do first."

I dialed her up and waited anxiously for her voice. Katie was staring off into space and Miles kept rubbing his mouth... it seemed like we were all feeling it right now.

"Nathan?" My mom's voice rang out.

"What do I do?" I pleaded.


Katie's POV:

I just couldn't believe it.

Nathan's mom had just told him what to do, which is have a public relationship with Janelle. Of course he was not having that and was now stomping around, slamming cabinets, etc.

Miles was now sitting on the couch beside me rubbing his chin over and over. He looked at me a shot a small smile,"You okay?"

I nodded even though I didn't feel good. I had not yet seen Nathan upset, and I wanted to help, but I just didn't know how.

"I need a walk," Nathan walked out of his room, his hair a mess, and sprinted to the door,"I'll be right back. When I return I want to talk to you both."

The door slammed shut and Miles locked eyes with me,"I know about what Jade and Ally told you."

I shook my head,"Well I'm sure you can tell that THAT will not be happening now.

He scooted closer and sighed,"You jump to conclusions a lot... did you know that?"

I had no idea what he was talking about and he seemed to realize that.

"I've also noticed that you can never just roll with it. You always have to have a definite plan, or even understanding of a person, in order to feel secure."

My eyes widened as I took in the depth of his words. Was this true? Could he tell that much from only knowing me for a few days? "That's hella perspective Miles."

He smiled,

We were quiet for a second and then I spoke up,"What should I do?"

Miles rolled his eyes,"Like I just said," he looked at me,"You need to just roll with it. Don't over think. Don't plan."

I nodded and sat back into the cool leather couch,"This sucks."

Miles reached over to the coffee table and took a drink of his soda,"Tell me about it. Ive only known Nate for two years and I am even having a tough time with his lifestyle."

I looked over at miles and realized just how kind he was. He helped Nathan home and helped him feel better. Not only that but he was attentive to how this whole situation was making me feel.

"What?" Miles smiled when he caught me staring.

I chuckled slightly and shook my head,"Nothing."


I guess while waiting for Nathan to return I had fallen asleep on the couch. I felt something warm rub against my face. My eyes fluttered open and I internally sighed when Nathan's rich, chocolatey, eyes met mine.

"I'm sorry," he whispered softly. His face was a mere inch away from mine and it took all my strength not to lean up and kiss him.

"For what?" I questioned distracting myself from his delicious sent.

"For everything," his hand slid under the blanket that was on my and slipped his fingers into mine,"For leaving you and throwing up and leaving you again..."

I did it.

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