Drunk, Dumb, and Dancing

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   Janelle threw me a smile as she led us deeper, into the pit, of grinding people. She stopped right in front of the speakers and placed my hands on her hips. We began to sway and I glanced around at the people up against me. Zane and some mysterious blonde where dancing, which is not surprising. Cole was a few people away grinding on Vicky, a girl in my leadership class.

"Ayyyy," I heard from beside me. I glanced over at Zane who was smirking wildly; he must be drunk.

I rolled my eyes and focused on getting this dance over with.

"Relax man!" Zane hollered even though he was right beside "Its a party! You need to take a minute to have some serious fun!"

I had to laugh because for once Zane was right. I also have to be so careful and for once I just want to relax, "Alright!" I shouted.

I began to realize that Janelle really was a good dancer. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. My hands tightened around her waist as I pulled her closer. We danced through the whole song and, when I loosened my grip to leave, Zane shoved shots in my hands which I downed and suddenly forgot why I would want to leave...

I remembered seeing a flash but I didn't think anything of it.

"Nate!" Miles screamed out beside me. He dragged me away from Janelle, away from the house, and shoved me into the car. I felt like I could pass out. I couldn't see anything. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

I looked over at him puzzled. Did he not understand that this was MY night? Did he not understand that I needed this?

"Fine don't say anything." Miles spat angrily.

I just ignored him and tried to focus on the glowing dashboard. This task made my head ache; next thing I knew, I closed my eyes, and fell into a deep sleep.

A muffled laugh woke me up. My room was completely dark; the only light beamed from under the door.

Another muffled laugh and then another. My temples pulsed and I rubbed my eyes to wake myself up. Suddenly my stomach twisted up and I knew what was about to occur. I hauled myself out of bed and tried to make it to the bathroom. Sadly the bedroom floor was the new toilet and I threw up all over it.

The door opened cautiously as I finally finished blowing chunks. "What are you waiting for?" I heard Miles voice boom out.

"I don't want to scare him," Katie's soft voice stated.

I leaned up against the cold wall and looked over at them. Miles was behind Katie, who was holding open the door. "I'm good guys."

Katie entered the room and raced over to the bathroom. Meanwhile Miles shook his head,"You deserve this." Then he flipped on the lights and smiled.

I groaned, threw my arm around my eyes, and hid my head behind my knees.

Katie returned and closed the bathroom door,"Miles can you get some carpet cleaner or something."

I felt him walk away and then I felt her kneel beside me,"Can you look at me?" I moved my head so it was out of the dark and she smiled,"You look hot."

I laughed even though I had a horrible headache. She began dabbing the cold cloth on my face which felt AMAZING. I closed my heavy eyes. She removed the cloth and laid a new one across my forehead. Then she leaned up against the wall beside me. I focused on the sound of her breathing as I drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly Miles busted in shouting about how he found something that should work. Katie got up and began to help clean up. I opened my eyes and saw the two of them cleaning up my puke. That was when I realized how much they both cared about me. Especially Katie, who I had only met like a few days ago. Why wasn't I helping?

I crawled up and grabbed some powder to sprinkle on the stain,"Just lay down," Katie placed her soft hand on top of mine. When I looked up at her she pleaded with her eyes for me to go back to bed. So I slowly stood up and dragged myself back under the covers.

It was probably a solid 5 minutes before they finished cleaning. I felt Katie place another cold cloth across my forehead before she left and closed the door. I finally drifted off to sleep peacefully, but not before promising to never drink again.

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