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Katie's Pov:

"Thanks," I said to Jax as we walked up to the house.

He shrugged,"No problem. I hope you had, some, fun..."

I smiled and nodded which seemed to satisfy him.

We bounded the steps and he opened the door for me. When I walked in I peered past the foyer and my eyes locked with Nathan's. He seemed a bit nervous as he walked towards me, so I smiled reassuringly.

When he reached me he took my hand and let out a breath that I didn't know he was holding,"I've got to talk to you outside," he said quietly.

I nodded and followed his lead. I turned my head, as Nathan opened the screen door, and saw everyone standing in the living room watching us. A quick jolt of panic raced through me...What is going on?

I was led all the way down to the beach and to my delight, and surprise, there was a blanket with candles and flowers laid out perfectly along the shore. My heart began to flutter when  I felt Nathan's hand squeeze mine. "Take a seat!" Nathan gestured with his hands and I laughed.

I sat down  and tucked my knees to my chest. Nathan sat on my left and he smiled and nudged me with his shoulder,"Did you see what happened?"

I was confused,"What?"

He smiled brightly,"Good, now I can tell you before E News does." I raised an eyebrow as he began the talk. "So Janelle and I were never a real thing and you kind of knew that right?"

I nodded. I didn't want to talk about him and Janelle,"Yeah but then you really started to like each other..."

He put a hand up,"No, I never had anything more than feelings of friendship towards her."

My eyes widened,"What?! Nathan! Why didn't you tell me? Why did you do stuff with her and totally ignore me? What did she always make it seem like you two were in love?!"

He placed his hands behind him and leaned back,"Okay first; I couldn't tell anybody because Zane leaked that our relationship was staged, hence why he's not here; Second, do you know how hard it was to pretend to like Janelle when all I could think about was you? Janelle was always so uncomfortable with you being around us and instead of sticking up for our friendship I caved in and I'm so sorry..."

I smiled down at him,"You're forgiven,"

He smiled too,"You're amazing."

My heart leapt and I felt my cheeks heat up. How does he do this to me?

Luckily Nathan continued,"Lastly, she never really loved me she just loved the idea of being with somebody like me."

I found myself beginning to make sense of why Janelle was the way she was. She had a wealthy family and was known by everyone on campus. In the, almost, full year that she has been my roommate I don't think she has ever not had makeup on and wasn't dressed up... the more I thought about it the more I could feel myself aching for her. That must be so sad. To feel like the world is relying on you to be perfect, to marry a powerful man, and always be "on".

"That's so sad," I breathed out.

Nathan just nodded,"I had no idea until I broke things off with her. I know she's hurting inside but she was amazingly kind about it in the end." He turned to me and smiled.

I smiled back and squeezed his hand,"You always see the best in everyone don't you?"

He laughed,"I didn't realize I did that."

The tide slowly creeped its way closer to our feet. The sky was an array of every beautiful color the earth had to offer. I closed my eyes and breathed in the salty air. "I love it here."

Nathan chuckled,"I can tell."

"I want to live here." I said softly.

I felt Nathan shift beside me and I felt his arm wrap around my back,"Let's."

I opened my eyes and was greeted by Nathan's warm, hazel eyes. The glow from the sun make them look like liquid gold. "You really would want to live with me?" I joked,"I'm a handful sometimes. I mean I need a constant supply of chocolate, I can't stand messes, and there will just be a ton of plants everywhere!"

Nathan leaned in a kissed me gently. His lips where so soft as they held mine. His hands pulled me closer and I placed my right hand on his cheek. The kiss was sweet and perfect. It was everything I needed in that moment.

He pulled away and looked into my eyes,"Let's be a couple."

I nodded and tried to hold back my excitement,"Yeah... Let's."

With that he smiled and I leaned my head on his shoulder. This was, honestly, paradise.

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