Home Sweet Home

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After the sun set Nathan and I had walked inside and everyone was sitting on couches, snacking, and taking turns singing karaoke. Kay and Derrick were singing Thrift Shop by Macklemore when we walked in. A feeling of pure bliss pulsed through me when everyone began to hug us and joke around that "it took us long enough..."

Jax was the one who wanted us all to take a group picture before we all left and it took at least 5 tries to get it right, but the timer clicked at the perfect moment and now that photo is in my hands. Everyone smiling up at me, our skin tan, and our hearts full. Even Janelle seemed to enjoy the last few days at the beach. Surprisingly her and Jax got along really well and I even saw them exchange numbers when we left. Maybe, in the making of Nathan and I's relationship, nobody got too hurt.

"Hey look!" Nathan exclaimed as he pointed out the window of the plane,"That's Big Ben."

I looked over his shoulder and gasped. London is so beautiful! The plane landed quickly and we were then carted to a small airport to gather our bags. I was excited to finally be meeting Nathan's family, but I was also scared out of mind. What if they hated me? Nathan seemed to be chill as a cucumber. He was smiling the whole plane ride and telling me random facts about the royal family, his family, and England in general. Of course I'm a history major so I was digging what he was throwing down.

A man in a suit came to carry our bags to a black limo. He then opened the door for us and I stepped in first. The limo was luxurious and filled with food and beverages. Nathan scooted next to me and then we were on our way. My stomach was twisting up and I grew more and more anxious with every mile.

"Relax!" Nathan playfully nudged me,"They will love you."

I wasn't convinced...

"I believe that you are made for this life Katie, you are beautiful, and smart..."

I cut him off with a quick kiss,"You're sweet but that isn't helping."

He rolled his eyes jokingly. Then something caught his attention outside,"Wow... already?" he muttered to himself.

I leaned over and then I understood. Lining the sides of the street were dozens of paparazzi. There weren't many at first, but as we neared Nathan's home, or should I say castle, they began to multiply.

I could hardly see the house until we pulled past the gate. But when I did, I gasped when I saw the place. It was huge. There was a tiered fountain and dozens of flowering bushes. The home was only one story but it was still towering. It's light sandy exterior seemed to glow from the sunlight.

"Alright! We're home!" Nathan exclaimed.

The driver let us out and that was when my nerves kicked into overdrive. I actually thought I could barf right there on the perfectly, paved, stone driveway. I tried to get out of my head more as we approached the oak doors. I found myself taking deep breaths and focusing on Nathan's hand, that held mine. It did help. I focused on his scent and it worked too. Suddenly I realized that this was the place Nathan grew up. These people are his family. Why was I so nervous? I mean if Nathan liked me then shouldn't they?

I realized that we were now at the door. Nathan gave my hand one last squeeze and the door opened revealing a gorgeous front room. There were two spiral stair cases and glossy marble flooring throughout.

"Welcome home Nathan," a man in a black suit said, as he held the door open.

"Thank you Micheal. It's good to be back," Nathan nodded his head as he spoke and he pulled me deeper into the home.

We reached a doorway, that lead into the most pristine dining room I've ever seen, when a tall woman approached. She had dark brown hair and steely, gray, eyes. "Nathan?"

Nathan smiled,"Mom."

He walked over and embraced him,"It's good to see you." Her accent was much thicker than Nathan's and she seemed to ooze regality. I was really hoping to impress her.

"Mom this is Katie Braxton," Nathan gestured a hand towards me.

"Hello dear," his mom said. Then she turned to Nathan,"Dad will be here later and I've got to head to a meeting," she began to walk off but stopped and spun around,"You're sisters will be home soon as well."

With that his mom left the house and we were alone. "That went well!" Nathan smiled and clapped him hands together.

I laughed at his optimistic attitude and then the man with the black suit came into the dining room,"Nathan I've carried your luggage up to your rooms and Carrie is cooking a light lunch for the two of you. Is there anything else you need?"

Nathan smiled,"Nope I think we're good."

Then Nathan took my hand and led me up the marble steps. We walked down a maze of hallways until we reached his room. It was not as magnificent as I thought. Don't get me wrong it was huge and ten times more beautiful than any room I've ever had. It just seemed much homier than any other room in the house. There were photos of Nathan and his friends on the walls and a warm toned wallpaper to go with. The thing that stuck out most to me was the large fireplace that took up the majority of the room. There were chairs and a table that surrounded it. His bed was  against the opposite wall and two large windows let in the perfect amount of sunlight.

"Well this is it," Nathan said as he sat on his bed.

I nodded as I took everything in,"It's great," I said.

He smiled and then stood up to embrace me,"You make encounters with my mom bearable."

I laughed into his warm chest. In that moment I could picture staying like that forever. Sometimes I laugh because it's kind of crazy that someone, as famous as Nathan, could fall for someone as average as me.

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