Family Feud

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Nathan's POV:

I don't think I've ever brought home a girl my mother has liked. In fact I don't think I've ever actually brought home a girl. I knew going into this that it was going to be difficult. Thankfully Katie has thick skin. When Janelle met my mom, even though it was a fake relationship, my mom was still rude and unwelcoming.

"What are you thinking about?" Katie asked with a smile. We were walking down to the dining room, where my father and sisters were about to eat with us.

"Nothing," I told her softly.

She continued to smile as we walked into the dining room. Instantly my twin sisters rushed to hug me. "Nathan!" they screamed. Morgan and Maddison were identical and seniors in high school. I'm closer to them than my brother, Adam. He has been traveling on behalf of my father. Speaking of my dad...I looked past the mess of dark hair that surrounded me, thanks to my sisters, and saw my aging father seated at the table. His smile was bright but I could see that he was exhausted.

"Son," he said smiling,"Come sit!"

Maddison and Morgan moved to the side so I could sit at the table. Katie was at my side and I pulled out a chair for her.

"Katie Braxton," my father reached over and shook her hand,"Its a pleasure to finally meet you. I've heard so many wonderful things."

I could feel my face slightly heat up. I've talked to my dad about Katie numerous times and I'd rather not let her know.

Katie smiled,"Well I'm happy to hear that!"

Maddison chimed in,"So are you a gold digger?"

Morgan slapped her leg,"Maddie you don't ask someone that!"

Katie just laughed, thank God. "Nope I'm happy to report that I just really like Nathan," she turned to me. Her bright blue eyes looked breathtaking,"A lot."

I reached over and held her hand under the table.

"Well that's good." Maddison said spooning green beans into her mouth.

My dad rolled his eyes,"So katie tell us about yourself."

Katie began to talk about her parents and her life back in Chicago. I had never heard some of the stories like the one where she was lost in the American Girl store or the time she ate too much and got sick at Navy Pier.

"Are you planning on returning to Chicago?" My Dad asked.

Katie shrugged,"Maybe it just depends on where I can find a job. I wouldn't mind going back."

Then my dad asked,"Would you ever want to live in London?"

Katie smiled brightly,"From everything I've seen so far, I think this would be a wonderful place to live."


"Goodnight," Katie mumbled back to me as I shut her bedroom door. Dinner was a huge success. I could tell Maddison and Morgan loved her. My father was a bit harder to read but based on asking if she would live in London, I'm thinking he likes her too.

"Nathan," I heard my mom call my name from the bottom of the staircase.

"Yes?" I responded.

I walked to the steps and saw her standing beside my dad,"We need to talk."


"No," I stated plainly.

My mom sighed and my dad sat there, emotionless.

"We need you Nathan," she brought her voice down to a whisper,"The company is in debt."

My eyes widened,"What?"

She nodded and I turned to my dad who was still staring off into space. "Come home."

I shook my head,"I'm not leaving Katie. You said I would have the rest of this year."

Finally my dad spoke,"She can come with you..."

My mom quickly cut him off,"Absolutely not! She has no wealth, no status! Those are the two things we NEED you to find in a woman. Especially now."

I couldn't believe it. I stood up,"That is absolutely not going to happen. I love her mom. She's an incredible girl who has the potential to do some wonderful things for this family. If you can't see that then I want no part of this family. You obviously do not care about its betterment!"

My father stood,"Son! Sit."

I sat.

My mom had tears in her eyes, a first. "I care about this family more than you can imagine. I love you Nathan more than you could imagine," she wiped her tears and sat a little straighter,"That is why I've already enrolled you in Cambridge where you will be studying starting next week." With that she stood up,"You can't leave this feeling. You need us and you know it.... we also need you."

My father was still sitting as my mom walked out,"Nathan," I felt tears begin to sting my eyes but I still looked over at my dad,"The only things set in stone are that you must return home and you love Katie. Use your brain and realize that it isn't over." He then stood and left me alone in the living room.

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