Elton John and Missing Roomates

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"Okay Katie I'm going to head back home," My mom placed one last item on my nightstand and then looked at me tearfully.

"Mom you live 15 minutes away," I rolled my eyes as I embraced her.

She patted my back and pulled away. " I know, but it will still be different without you living at home," She paused, " Are you sure you don't want to commute to the university from my new house?"

I laughed, "Yes I'm sure. Now you've got to go my roommate should be here any minute."

"Okay Okay," She waved me off and shut the bedroom door.

I quickly grabbed all of my trash from my move and walked to the kitchen to throw them away. I love this apartment. It's beautiful and very historic looking. There is a small balcony that I've filled with many plants and knick knacks, and the kitchen is huge!

I sat down on the gray, upholstered, couch and turned on the TV. After about the tenth episode of Friends  that I watched, It became obvious that my roommate was a no show. Angry as hell, I walked over to the phone and dialed her up.

She didn't answer, shocking, so I left a message calmly asking where she was. I left, then, the apartment to get some fresh air and calm down.

I walked out of the apartment complex and was met by the cold, Atlantic Ocean breeze. I instantly felt more relaxed and I began to walk towards the main part of campus.

I eventually wound up in the library, seated in a leather chair, near the fireplace, reading a book on the ancient Egyptians. I was the only one in there besides the librarian who was napping at the front desk. It was dark outside and through the giant glass windows I could see the stars in the sky.

It was incredibly peaceful until the double doors to the library opened and slammed shut. I looked over to see who it was and all I could see was their gray hoodie and the back of their head. I glanced at the librarian who was now awake and very pissed.

"Mr. Billings," She called out. He slowly spun around with his hands up as if he was surrendering.

He shot her a dazzling smile, and then spoke with a slight accent,"Yes, Ms. Newman?"

"Did you not notice that there is a young lady in here trying to read?" She said in a hushed tone.

He was now standing by her desk looking around the massive room. I quickly looked down at my book and tried to continue reading. I failed miserably. He kept talking quietly to the librarian and his voice was so beautiful to me. I know it sounds ridiculous but have you ever heard someone talking and were like Wow I would by that sound on iTunes!... Yeah me neither... that's weird.

"So what was it this time Mr. Billings?" The librarian asked.

He groaned, "Same as usual... I was followed by a camera man the whole night and she said that she wasn't cut out for my lifestyle."

"Well," She tisked, "At least you know the truth and you don't have to waste your time."

"Yeah I guess it is for the best."

Okay quick internal question... Who the heck is this guy? Like I know I just moved here but I didn't hear about any 'famous' students. He was obviously recognizable since he was being followed by a camera man...Wait! What if he's in a movie, or something, and this is all fake. Oh my gosh what if this is like the Truman show, and the reason I am unaware is because they drug all the extras to make it seem more realistic.... okay I'm digging this hole a little too deep.

I kept looking at my book trying to focus.

"Yeah just close up around 10," I heard the librarian get up and then I heard her say goodbye and the door shut softly.

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