Apartment Life

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"...Gregor Billings' son."

My jaw dropped. Gregor Billings is a relative of the royal family and one of the wealthiest men in all of England. He has always made headlines in America, due to his good looks and power, so everyone knew that he had kids. He has always managed to keep his children, and their mother, out of the lime light. This is an impressive achievement since everyone is obsessed with them... This is why it is also shocking, to me, that Nathan was attending a small university in America.

Nathan looked over at me with a hint of worry in his hazel eyes, "You aren't saying anything."

I laughed at his nervousness, "Why do you sound so scared?"

He rolled his eyes and guided me towards the elevator. I waved to the lady at the front desk, who was still giggling, and followed Nathan. "It's just that when I tell people about my family they freak or worse they pretend like it doesn't exist."

"Sounds like there's no happy medium," I told him as I pressed the button to my floor. He did the same and the elevator lurched upward.

He nodded solemly.

I nudged him, "Relax Nathan! You're in college this is the prime of your life."

"Yeah yeah," he laughed as we watched the elevator rise.

When we reached my floor, the third one, I walked out of the elevator and turned to face Nathan.

He smiled,"I hope I'll see you around Katie."

A small wave of sadness washed over me as I looked at him. I might not see Nathan again? "I hope so too." With that the elevator door shut and I walked, solemnly, down the dark carpet towards my apartment.


I woke up to the sunlight streaming through my bedroom window (btw that's the best way to wake up imo). My roommate was still a no show so I just started decorating the place with my own belongings. I filled the built in bookshelf with all of my favorite books, I laid colorful rugs all over the place, and set up lamps to dot the living room. All of this was curtsy of my extremely wealthy grandparents... like I could afford decorations.

In the kitchen I was putting away a few dishes and watering my many plants when the phone buzzed.

I climbed down off my chair and looked over to see that it was my MIA roommate.

Janelle: I'm downstairs could you help me with my boxes?

Katie: yeah I'll be down in a sec.

I was glad that she showed up but I was still a bit pissed. Why didn't she answer and why is she showing up out of the blue?

I made it downstairs and to my utter and complete dismay there were about 30 massive boxes surrounding a woman who I would say was practically a model.

"Katie?" She looked over at me with a confused expression.

"Hi janelle!" I sang out as I walked over to greet her.

She apparently was not in the mood because she handed me a box the second I approached her,"Take all of this to my room please."

I was shocked. This can't be real life. I was seeing red. "Excuse me?" I spat setting down the box.

She rolled her dark brown eyes and flicked a piece of her, perfectly highlighted, brown hair over her shoulder,"I'm sorry Katie. God I'm such a bitch. I'm going to help of course!"

I was a bit on the fence, but decided to accept her olive branch and move on,"Okay so let me show you the room first."

Suddenly a few guys walked in with even more boxes,"This is it Ms Garner."

Janelle turned around and smiled,"Thanks my dad paid you right?"

They nodded.

"Okay you may go now."

They waved and left which forced me to be alone with her. And the lady at the front desk...wait...

"Janelle here is the key and I texted you our room number. I'm going to go get some help with these boxes." I said this as I practically threw the key at her and raced out the door.

I made it to the library and I bounded up the steps, almost tripping twice. I opened up the massive doors and, as they slammed behind me, surveyed the room.

Finally my eyes landed on Ms. Newman who was reading a book and sipping on a glass of water.

"Ms. Newman," I called as I raced over to her desk.

She was started when she spotted me,"Hello dear, what can I do for you?"

I placed my hand on her desk,"I need to find Nathan. Do you know where he could be?"

She smiled,"Why do you need to know?"

"I need him to help me move some stuff to my apartment... is he here?" I searched the room frantically but, from where I was standing, I couldn't see him.

She still had a smile plastered on her face,"Let's go get him." And with that she began to weave herself through bookshelves until I felt completely lost. Finally we arrived to a small little nook that I had no idea exsisted. Nathan was seated at a round, marble, table that had a pile of papers on it. He looked up at me and smiled. He had on a white shirt which made his tan skin stand out. The sunlight, that streamed through the window, tangled itself through his dark hair giving it a soft, golden, aura. His eyes shone as I approached him. They too seemed to have a golden glow.

"Hey katie what's up?" He asked happily.

I smiled back feeling a sudden rush of confidence, "My roommate finally showed up," he laughed and I felt my smile grow a little as he did, "Anyway she has a crap ton of boxes. I hate to ask you this but could you maybe help me move a few of them?"

I suddenly found myself realizing how ridiculously rude that may have sounded. I just met the guy a few hours ago and I was already disrupting his plans and asking him for big favors.

I was just about to apologize and leave when I noticed he was packing up his stuff, in a black backpack, and still had that huge smiled plasters on his face,"Of course I will! Why do you seem so nervous Katie?"

I sighed. Thank God! "I just didn't know if you would be up for it."

He laughed like I just said the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard, and placed a hand on the small of my back, then began to lead me around all the shelves.

To be honest I really found comfort in his touch. I was a little too sad when his hand left my back to open the library door... Im insane. I just met the guy and I'm already attached....

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