14. Everything

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      To Nico, you were his everything, his one and only. He loved everything about you, there wasn't a single thing he disliked.

      He loved the way your eyes would sparkle (even if there wasn't any sunlight) when you had a bright idea.

He loved the way you would causally brush a strand of your hair back, anytime, anywhere. It was adorable.

He loved the way you still managed to look flawless and beautiful, no matter the circumstance. Whether it was slaying a monster, waking up first thing in the morning, or rolling around in grass, you still had that charm.

He loved the way you would laugh off a mistake, like it was a funny joke. You didn't care what people thought about you.

He loved the way you smiled. It could turn even the worst of days into the best one.

He loved all the little habits you'd do. Your personality was truly amazing.

In Nico's eyes, you were absolutely, positively, no-doubt-about-it perfect. Gorgeous. Stunning. Wonderful. The very embodiment of perfection. He could go on and on and list every single good thing about you, but that would take years. Decades.

Nico stood silent in front of your grave. Thinking about the moments you two shared together. The best memories that were gone in an instant. Looking down at the ring in the box, he held back a sob as he placed it next to the flowers by your resting place. A single tear rolled down his cheek.

You were his everything. Now he has nothing.

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