9 pt. 2. Glitter✨

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✨Pt. 2 of Sparkles ✨
I laughed quietly to myself, Nico is going to love this!

It was early as early could be at Camp Half-Blood. This had to be quick and easy. I couldn't let Nico, or Chiron, or anyone in particular catch me. Oh, but this will be worth it!

*cue evil laugh*

Keeping a tight grip on the cans of glitter and sparkles alike, I quietly tip-toed to Nico's room. Then, it begun.

As silently as I could, I sprinkled the sparkly sparkles around everywhere I could; his shelves, his Mythomagic sets, his clothes, his drawers, everywhere! This room had to sparkle so much, that it would wake the dead! Once everything was glitter-fied, I sprinkled (aka, dumped) the rest of the glitter onto Nico's hair, face, and body. Knowing that I had to get out fast, I took off like nobody's business.

Yes, that's it, hopefully no one saw me. Now to wait until Nico wakes up...
*cue EVILLER laugh*


To be continued...

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