5. Cooking Craziness

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Requested by: @TheFruiTeaNico
Plot: Reader is pregnant and married to Nico; he tries to cook for Her which leads to some unexpected results...
Pregnancy. It's either life's greatest challenge, or the worst. As of now, neither are yet to be confirmed. Only a month and a half into the big plunge and cravings are already starting to kick in. (Note: I do not actually know when cravings kick in, this is just a guess)
Not that I don't like being pregnant, it's just a certain someone worries more then me..

I told Nico that I wasn't sure on what to eat, as my mind was telling separate things all at once. On one side: stick with what you know, on the other: Oooh~ Let's experiment a little! So I just told him to surprise me. To pass the time while I waited for my surprise dish, I decided to read a book, because I wanted to do something peaceful for once ; especially with someone literally developing inside me.
About a few hours later, I suddenly hear beeping.. Which sounds like the smoke alarm..! I rush to the kitchen (as fast as I can) to see if it was Nico's doing. My instincts seemed to be right, because in front of me was a panicking Nico and an oven on fire. I quickly grabbed a bucket and started filling it and dumping the water onto the flames. After the fire was surely put out, I turned to my ashamed husband and decided to interrogate him.
"Nico what happened?" I questioned. "I-I set the oven to 630 degrees for 75 minutes..." I decided to look at the directions for... Lasagna? Oh, I love lasagna! But, that's besides the point. Anyway it said to bake for 75 minutes at 360 degrees instead! "Aww, honey, it says to bake at 360 degrees, not 630!" I spoke to him as kindly as possible.
"I'm so sorry, I wanted to make everything special, but I ruined it..." he said sadly. I didn't want him to feel guilty, so I offered takeout. Thankfully, he agreeed, so over (choice of takeout), I reassured him that everything was okay. ~~~~~~~~~~~~|||~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sorry if it was rushed, my mom was yelling at me to get off the phone (~_~;) Anyway keep the requests coming!
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