15. A Pleasant Surprise

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Summary: Reader gets sick and precious Nico comes to take care of you. (n/n) means nickname, by the way.

No warnings.
(Important A/N at the end)
You had the pleasant surprise of managing to get a cold in the middle of summer. You didn't even know how, to be honest. One day you just woke up with a sore throat, watery eyes, and a nose where one nostril felt like Niagara Falls and the other felt like an African savanna. So now you're laying in bed, binge watching (f/show) and feeling like a pile of blah.

Luckily, your boyfriend, the oh-so-amazing Nico di Angelo, offered to come and keep you company (bringing soup and snacks, of course). Honestly, you swear he's an angel, despite his dark nature.

Having enough of (f/show), you decided to watch some YouTube instead. Just as you were about to start watching a new video by your favorite YouTuber, you heard the doorbell ring. Wrapping yourself in a blanket, you tiredly waddled over to open the door.

"Wow (Y/N), you look horrible." said Nico, not bothering to sugarcoat anything.

"Yeah, well, when you feel like a pile of blah with one nostril a waterfall and the other a desert, your appearance is honestly just a free-for-all at this time in your life", you sassed (and managed to let out a weird sneeze after that). All you wanted to do was sleep and eat (and wonder why you took breathing normally for granted).

At your remark, Nico just sighed, ruffled your hair, and walked into your house with his bag of snacks and surprises. Hopefully good ones. You wouldn't be surprised if he wanted some payback after the glitter incident. It was still totally worth it though.

Nico set his bag on the counter and began rummaging through it. He pulled out a small plastic bowl filled with your favorite Panera Bread Chicken Noodle Soup and handed it to you with a spoon. "Here, (n/n). May the Blessed Panera Bread Soup heal your soul". Giving a small chuckle, you took the soup and spoon while saying "There's no saving my soul at this point."

Still in your blanket, you bought the soup to your table and began to chow down, blowing on it every so often to make sure you weren't inhaling flames. Letting out another sneeze, you went to grab the tissues since this was becoming unbearable.

"Did you take your medicine, (Y/N)?", asked Nico. You shook your head at that. "No, I take them at 3:30, it's 1:26 right now. Plus that stuff tastes horrible. Blech!" Nico nodded, "I'll set an alarm then." You gave a small smile at his sweetness, but then frowned at the thought of tasting that disgusting medicine again. What did you do to deserve him (and why do medicine companies not know what fruit tastes like??).

"Say, let's watch some movies. I brought a bunch that you might like. Maybe that'll take your mind off of your odd case of Niagara-Falls-Desert-Nostril Syndrome or whatever."

"I don't know about that somehow curing my Niagara-Falls-Desert-Nostril Syndrome, but I'll give it a try."


After a while, you managed to fall asleep next to Nico, despite his protests of you getting him sick. Nico shook you awake to the worst news ever...

"(Y/N). Wake up. Time to take your medicine!"



Hey ladies, I am so so so sorry for not updating as promised! I just became so stressed with all my summer homework and lately I've been lacking the inspiration for this book. Now that my sports and school is starting, it will just get even more difficult. I'm disappointed in myself for being so lazy and a big procrastinator. Hopefully this one shot is enough to satisfy you. I don't think I'll be updating this too often, and I still don't know why you all read this, but thank you for those who still stuck with this story. Again, I apologize. May the rest of your summer be filled with laughs and joy and your school year with wisdom! Thank you everyone
P.S. I was tempted to name this chapter "A Case of Niagra-Falls-Desert Syndrome", but decided against it. "A Pleasant Surprise" sounds more normal. ( ̄ヮ ̄)


~ Mystic

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