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Fat To Fabulous by xoxoAbbeyxoxo
Fat To Fabulousby xoxoAbbeyxoxo
April Phillips is your typical nerdy girl with her typical glasses, typical unruly brown hair, and typical acne. She is a little over 300 pounds and is constantly called...
  • fabulous
  • makeover
  • uglygirlmakeover
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◈ Magnus X Alec One Shots ◈ Malec ◈ by CheshireCatLife
◈ Magnus X Alec One Shots ◈ Malec ◈by ~Maddie Williams~
A world of Malec! 35+ one-shots ranging from fluff all the way to heavy angst. Be ready for an emotional rollercoaster and have a read! :)
  • aleclightwood
  • ship
  • alecxmagnus
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Is this love? (Black butler x modern reader) by xLlamaCornPotatox
Is this love? (Black butler x mode...by xSoph
(Y/n), A normal, anime obsessed girl. What happens when everyone from black butler comes bursting out of your tv? Will they fall in love with you? The bigger question is...
  • claude
  • fanfiction
  • finnian
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MIllion Dollar Love <3 by Jhazel_Michaela
MIllion Dollar Love <3by Michaela Go
Lily Rain is a 20 year old rich-beautiful-fab-glamorous lady with a big heart and big dreams. She's the only daughter of the CEO of the super famous RAIN INDUSTRY, the l...
  • love
  • millionlove
  • fabulous
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McHanzo [Discontinued] by ExplosionRiot
McHanzo [Discontinued]by ExplosionRiot
Ya know, a stubborn bow carrying Jack ass and a Beautifully accented cowboy. NEED I EXPLAIN MORE????!??!?
  • romance
  • overwatch
  • shipping
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Alone in the pet shop. by cfizzleindahizzle
Alone in the pet shop.by CaitlinFerguson6
Jeremy and Louise are best friends. They are also guinea pigs. What happens when a tragic accident changes both of their lives forever.
  • car
  • fabulous
  • guineapig
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My book of horror stories by shadow-wolf911
My book of horror storiesby Halle
Horror stories that I've came up with(or are remakes of ones I've read) Comment if there's spelling mistakes or something wrong with them. Also I am now taking reques...
  • short
  • gory
  • stories
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• Nico di Angelo x Reader • One Shots • by xMysticxMagicx
• Nico di Angelo x Reader • One Sh...by •муѕᴛɪᴄᴀʟ•мᴀɢɪᴄ•
"One person has many sides..." Love the Ghost King? Want to read about the crazy adventures featuring you, the reader, and Nico? Maybe cook together, or have...
  • nico
  • one-shots
  • camphalfblood
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This diary belongs to: A little blonde brat. by carciino-Gen
This diary belongs to: A little bl...by Danica
I thought I locked my diary...Fuck.
  • trancy
  • kuroshitsuji
  • blackbutler
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Must take a while since my last broke up kinda effects on me, so i try to find myself again, if you see the movie " How to be single" it's the same to me. I mu...
  • good
  • skill
  • fabulous
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The Big Thick Book of Gerard Way Cuteness by MyPunkedOutAlice
The Big Thick Book of Gerard Way C...by PunkAlice
Hot pics of Gerard Way May contain art
  • gerardwaylovestory
  • gerardwayandthehormones
  • selfies
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Niklaus' mate, Alaric's daughter, The Scarlet Witch... by TVDandANIMElover
Niklaus' mate, Alaric's daughter...by TVDandANIMElover
Meet rose, she's anything but normal... She was sent to Russia to go to boarding school, her father said "it's to keep you safe from the supernatural world!" B...
  • love
  • amazing
  • epic
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50 Shades of Karmagisa by animeshipperr
50 Shades of Karmagisaby z
  • anime
  • shiota
  • boyxboy
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High School Musical - A Night to Remember by cfizzleindahizzle
High School Musical - A Night to R...by CaitlinFerguson6
The girls know that the boys may never love them and take matters into their own hands, but will it all work out? One thing's certain, Troy's party will certainly be a n...
  • chad
  • taylor
  • troy
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Leonardo DiCaprio Stuff by Aliisnotagoodwriter
Leonardo DiCaprio Stuffby Ali
This is your #1 place for all the Leonardo DiCaprio stuff you may ever need. Or don't need. Because I'll probably annoy you with irrelevant, cheesy things. Includes: *Pi...
  • fabulous
  • random
  • leonardodicaprio
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Solangelo high school AU by Fabulous_Penguin77
Solangelo high school AUby LonelyPenguin
William solace has a homophobic mother who tries to make him love girls that he doesn't know. Nico di Angelo lost his Mom to lightning and has a father had never paid at...
  • nico
  • pjo
  • percyjackson
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Ask Budo by Budo_Masuta
Ask Budoby вuძо маsuта
Ask the 'Martial Art Master'/President of the Martial Arts Club! (Character from Yandere Simulator)
  • club
  • yandere
  • martial
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Grell x Depressed Reader by foreverwilde
Grell x Depressed Readerby Living Space Dust
((This will not be continued)) This story is done in a high school AU, you may notice that each of the chapters has the theme of a specific song. Let me know what you th...
  • music
  • grell
  • black
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Simply Amazing (Mettaton X Reader) by MadamOtaku
Simply Amazing (Mettaton X Reader)by MadamOtaku
Umm... Hi! Im MadamOtaku and this is my first fanfic! Im really nervous about how this will turn out but I'm really excited! Sorry about any grammar and spelling errors...
  • fabulous
  • xreader
  • incomplete
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A Fabulous Life (Carmella X OC) (COMPLETE) by KITSUNEPOWR43
A Fabulous Life (Carmella X OC) (C...by KP
After a few months on the indies, Brandon Powers finally got the call to join WWE. He had been dreaming about this day his entire life. What he didn't know was that a ce...
  • carmella
  • wwelove
  • drama
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