7. Fireworks (4th of July Special!)

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Today is Independence Day, also known
as the 4th of July! Later tonight, there will be fireworks at camp; thankfully, Chiron was in a good mood. He let some Hephaestus kids help work and tweak on the special device for the works of fire. A few people starting asking their others to go watch the fireworks with them, I know Percy did this with Annabeth. Nico didn't ask me yet, he's probably busy. I might ask him, it just depends.

Slipping on my heart shaped American flag sunglasses, I decided to take a little stroll around camp, see what's new.

A little while later, I stopped by to eat a quick breakfast consisted of (favorite breakfast food). After dumping the leftovers for the gods, I headed over to train with my (W/N) for a bit. The more practice, the better! There were a few things that I could use some work on, my flexibility and endurance. To be honest, I was a bit of a potato. But enough of my inner monologuing, time to actually start working!

My weapon was (light/a bit heavy), so that meant I had to be able to move around enough to dodge and attack at the same time... Gymnastics (has/not) been my specialty, but a little practice would do me some good, especially when you're a demigod. Hmm, maybe try a backflip..? Since the gods love me oh-so-very-much, Nico had just walked in. I attempted to do a really badass flip, but ended up falling flat on my face. Yikes, mission failed.

Nico gave a light chuckle at the supposedly amusing sight of me falling on face. "Looks like you're having fun here, (Y/N)."
"Hey! You try attempting a really cool backflip! It's not as easy as it looks", I said irritatingly. "I'll pass. Anyway, I was wondering if you'd want to go to the fireworks show with me?" Nico asked. "Sure, I got nothing better to do", I said trying not to sound desperate. "Okay, I'll pick you up at seven." He then took his leave.
The time for the works of fire has come. Nico and I were seated in the grass among other campers and couples. After a few moments, the show finally started. The fireworks were beautiful, exploding in all types of shapes and direction in almost every color. Blue ones, purple, red, just to name a few. They were mesmerizing to look at, I could watch them for almost forever.

Suddenly, Nico turned to me and said "You know, the fireworks are like you in a way; bright, lively, beautiful, spontaneous." I smiled at those lovely words. I don't think anyone said those things to me. "Wow, thank you. I don't think anyone has ever said that to me.." "Well, they should.", with that, he leaned in and kissed me as the final firework went off.
            "Happy 4th of July"
It's Independence Day for America! Happy 4th of July my lovely readers. Hope this special was enjoyable! Still taking requests!
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