11. New Year, New Changes

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It's really hard to believe that 2018 is literally tomorrow. I mean seriously, where has time gone? Geez, it feels like all I've been doing with Nico is make him mad and run away, haha. Eh, oh well. Now that I think about it, it really feels like a different universe each time something good happens, almost as if a new chapter each day. I must be going crazy! Hey, where's Nico?

Nico POV
Oh Y/N, my time will finally come, my time to get revenge! This book is supposed to be about us, but it seems you've just been seeing Y/N's point of view, my dear reader. Can you guess what I'm doing? Well if you guessed that you're going to be reading a chapter about my revenge in my point of view, then you are right! New year, new changes. Ah, I know that perfect idea...
Time to give Y/N a taste of her own medicine! Grabbing a giant pot, I poured in colored dye, whipped cream, and all the sparkles and glitter you could get inside. You see, my plan is to combine all the pranks Y/N has pulled on me into one big prank! And on New Year's Eve! I'll do it at exactly midnight. This is going to be a great way to start off the New Year. Now all I have to do is ju- hey wait! No it's supposed to be my


I haven't seen death breath all day, where could he be? It's currently 11:00, only an hour till 2018! Goodness, where has my life gone? Say, what would Nico think about a little prank to start the year? Well of course he would say no, but he can't stop me! Actually, I think I'll give him a break, I've pranked him a lot this year, so I'll let him off this time. What should I do in the meantime then? Oh I know! How about watching my favorite show? Wait, electronics, right. Oh chicken nuggets! I let out a heavy sigh. Then I guess I'll... practice with my (something, instrument, weapon, etc.) after all, the more practice, the better.

Nico POV

Finally! Ok, as I was saying, all I have to do is just add some chicken nuggets because Y/N loves them, so why not (If you don't like chicken nuggs just put something else).

Here's my plan:
1. Get pot to destination without raising any suspicion

2. Successfully dump contents on Y/N precisely at midnight

3. Feel like a boss
And that's it! It's about 11:30 right now, so I better get going. I lugged the pot to the destination (which was a nice open field) and covered it with a dark cloth so it wouldn't be too noticeable. I asked Y/N to meet me at this spot to watch some fireworks and count down till 2018. What she doesn't know is that I'll sneak up behind her and dump the concoction on her. Oh this will feel great. It's 11:35 now. Soon...

I soon got bored with practicing my (something) so I decided to do something else. Perhaps drawing would work. I took out my sketchbook and proceeded to draw my weapon because (it looked easy/I wanted a challenge). Weather I was (bad/good), it's a nice way to pass the time.
About 15 minutes in you checked your watch (courtesy of Leo) and saw that it was now 11:50. Better head over to Nico now. Based on Nico's directions it should be about a 4-5 minutes walk depending your pace. I (tied/clipped, depends on hair length) my hair back and proceeded to (walk/run) there because I honestly just felt like it.
Soon arriving there, I sat down next to Nico to seemed to be having some sort of internal monologue in his head..? Hey, don't ask me how I know, I just got the feeling that he was! Plus his face says it all. Nico then snapped out of his state-trance-whatever-thing and said "Oh hey Y/N, glad you came. I don't know about you, but I'm kind of looking forward to the new year. New year, new me. What are your thoughts?" To be honest, I was kind of surprised by Nico's sudden burst of words, but brushed it off. He's probably just extra happy I suppose. I then responded with "Hmm, I'm not sure. To be frank, I've barely thought about the new year with all these quests and monsters and overall life of a demigod. But yeah, I'm also looking forward to it. Hard to believe 2018 is only a few minutes away!"
Looking back at my watch, it read that it was 11:55. Only five minutes to go!
Nico and I talked for a another minute or so before he excused himself to get a surprise. Oooh, maybe it's (something you really want)!

Nico POV
Time for action. After excusing myself to Y/N, I walked to the pot and quietly lugged it over. When the time was exactly 12:00, I dumped it on her.
"Hey Nico, wha-" she cut short of the colorful soup that got dumped on her and sat there for several seconds before jumping up and shouting "Nico DiAngelo what in the flipping Underworld just happened?!" "Revenge" I simply stated. "Oh I see. Well nicely played, but my lil' ghost king, would you please give me a hug?" Oh no, I see what she was doing... Y/N then started chasing me with her arms open like some weird creature, oblivious to any sort of attention she might receive. She (surprisingly) managed to get a sudden burst of speed and tackle me to the ground encasing me with the goop. Well it was sweet while it lasted. As stated before, there's just no escaping the H/C-haired and E/C-eyed creature we call Y/N L/N.
This was quite a long chapter (to me at least). I hope in was enjoyable. Be sure to comment thoughts here and requests on my request page! Hope you all have a very happy New Year!

What's your New Year's resolution?


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