4. The Red String (Soulmate String AU)

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Requested by @NightStriker13
Setting: Train
Plot: In this Soulmate AU you follow a red string that somehow appears to lead to... You should know by now
Ahh, trains. Those fast-moving vehicular vessels that transport you from one place to another. I was currently on my way to New York City because that's where everything happens, right? That place and Los Angeles because of reasons unknown. But I'm getting ahead of myself here, anyway, I'm actually here because I'm visiting my grandmother. Currently, I'm sitting in my cabin (?) reading a book. After a while, I decided to get something to drink. On my way out, I happened to notice a red string. Wait... The Red String?!
As far as I know, The Red String is to supposedly lead you to your "soulmate" or whatever. A couple of my friends who have boyfriends already, did confirm this to be true, so why not? Can't hurt to try, so I began my journey of following the red string! The string led through the luggage room, across the hall, and now the dining room. Miraculously, I bumped into someone. Wait, wait, I bumped into someone! Is he the one?
The boy I bumped into had dark eyes, shaggy black hair with a jacket and ear buds on. He looked up at me annoyingly until he noticed The Red String behind me. The stranger took out his ear buds and then finally said something; "Were you following The Red String too?"
I quickly nodded my head. "Were you?" Oh my gosh, (Y/N), he obviously was! If not, why would he be asking me that? I then stopped mentally harassing myself to bring my attention to the boy in front of me. "The name's (Y/N), (Y/N) (L/N)." He then chuckled and responded "Did you just pull a James Bond move on me?" "Yep!" I said with a smile. "The name's Nico, Nico DiAngleo. Would like to get a coffee with me? I feel like we have much to talk about." OK, (Y/N), you better not mess this up. Your possible soulmate wants to get coffee with you!
"S-Sure thing.", I said, hoping to not sound weird but probably failing. He just ignored my awful attempt at being normal and headed off to the barista. Nico turned to look at me, "So? What would you like?" "O-Oh, um, I'll just have (drink of choice)." I said nervously. Jeez, I'm terrible at this... Nico told his order and then sat down at a table with me.
"So.. Where to begin?"
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