Request Page

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Here are the guidelines for requests :

I'm sorry but:
No lemons or limes; I just don't  feel comfortable writing that, and it would probably be horrible anyway.

No naming requests,
example, Quincy x Nico. I just want everyone to be happy with these chapters and feel like they are actually part of the story, later on, I might make naming an option once I add more chapters, but as of now, it's not accepted, sorry.

I'll be automatically be using female pronouns since my work flows better, but I can do it if specially requested, if so, I'll be putting up the one shot chapter title like so:
Random Title (Male! Reader )

What you can request:
What happens
Example, they go on an adventure to magical unicorn world
The feeling
Examples, angst, fear, happiness, etc.
Special guest appearances
Like crossovers, for example
I'll do anything, even anime (^_−)☆
All in all, the whole plot line and story
And don't forget the special little extras,
Bloopers, behind the scenes
Also, those little parallel universes and AU's
Example, Soulmate AU
Well that seems to cover everything, again, thanks for taking the time and be sure to comment on this page or PM me!

Hate comments will be deleted.
Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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