12. Someday

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Requested by: TicciTobiFangirl2008
Summary: Ba**ss reader somehow falls in love with Neeks
Sorry if this isn't what you wanted, but I made a few adjustments. *cough* don't kill me *cough*

Y/N L/N. A name you probably have heard of. If not, then here you go. A daughter of Apollo who is most likely the best girl who doesn't take any bull. Whatever you do, do not get in her way. Or else you'll deal with her W/N. Yikes.

It was a normal day for Y/N. Not much happening. Thankfully, not too many quests were going around, if not, none. However, there was one thing troubling the young H/C haired girl. Yep, you guessed, Nico di freaking Angelo. Who would expect Y/N L/N, the girl who can make even Ares kids tremble, fall in love with the dorky Neeks? Well, she sure didn't.

It happened gradually.

First, it was his smile. Something that was an incredibly rare sight to see. On the low chance you actually did get to see it, it was well worth waiting for.

Second, it was his softer side. Again, another rare sight to see. Something that almost never came out. When Nico's softer side was revealed, Y/N was honestly awestruck. He was just so cute and loveable that you just wanted to squish him. Yeah, weird, I know.

Third, it was the fact he actually seemed like he wanted to stay friends with you. Unlike most people, he kept up conversation and was patient. This made you feel a bit better about yourself. At least you know you have one friend.

Lastly, fourth. It was his ability to also take no bull. Even though he's supposed to be an old guy, he sure doesn't take any crap. He's small, but mighty. Seriously, he can raise the dead.

Of course, you could go on and on, but let's just stick with these for now. Anyway, let's see what Y/N is up to now.


Y/N had been working up to courage to confess to him (well that escalated quickly). Her crush had been going on for at least 7 months now. She had know him for years, and her true feelings are now just emerging. She was afraid of rejection, who isn't? It takes a lot to say you want to spend the rest of your life with someone. Well, not exactly that, but it's what you're basically implying.

Y/N was brainstorming for about 45 minutes now, and there were so many options. Letter? Nah, too lame. Pun or riddle? Nah, too... weird. Text? Wait, we don't have phones. Get someone else to tell for me? Nah, too cowardly. Just tell him? Maybe. Eh, screw it. I'll just tell him. If he likes me, he likes me. If he doesn't, he doesn't.

And so, that was Y/N's plan. Just. Tell. Him. Now the next problem, when?

Again, screw it. Let's just get it over with. I hate this weird feelings.

Now to find Nico.


After quite a bit of searching, she found Nico up in a tree. Ok then. Here goes. We're doing it. Any minute now. Let's do this. STOP STALLING. Ok fine. Here I go.

Y/N took a deep breath, unclenched her fists and said "Hi Nico. I know this sounds weird, but I like you and I'm just getting this over with so just say yes or no and that's all it'll take. Please and thank you."

Nico almost fell off the dang tree. He jumped off and walked up to Y/N. He blinked once. Twice. Three times. Four. "Wat." said Nico, who looked a bit confused.
"You heard me. Ya like me or not? Yes or no?" You said impatiently.
"Oh wow ok then. Look, I'm really, really sorry Y/N. You're my best friend and I want it to stay that way. I'm truly sorry I don't feel the same way. I know you'll find someone better and-"


"Okay thanks that's all I needed. Yeah, sure, we can stay friends. Just know I'm there if you ever need me. See ya later." said Y/N rather quickly. You left before anyone could see the downcast look on your face. Your friendship might've been ruined. Y/N wasn't one to cry over people, but she did feel very disappointed. It takes a lot to confess.

Oh well. She'll find someone someday.

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