A Tale of Two Tails: Nick Wilde x Reader by Iris_the_RainWing
A Tale of Two Tails: Nick Wilde Iris_the_RainWing
Crystal Fluffytail moved to Zootopia to escape her family, but let's just say it's not what she expected. In this new world, bunnies can be friends with foxes, and love...
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Demigods at Hogwarts (Nico x Reader) by aimee-lucas
Demigods at Hogwarts (Nico x AJL🍒
Chiron has discovered a school full of descendants of Hecate, only problem is Kronos has also discovered it. Now you, you twin sister Thalia, your boyfriend Nico, your b...
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Daughter of Artimes (Nico di Angleo x reader) by LoraChase
Daughter of Artimes (Nico di Lora Chase
I suck at these so just read a few chapters to see if you like it. I swear it gets better. Cover by: Olympian_NightJay
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Dead in Love (Nico x Reader) by NatalieDiAngel
Dead in Love (Nico x Reader)by Nat
All you have to know- you are a demigod (almost always a child of Posiden) I do not own any of the characters unless specified in the one-shot. -unedited-
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The Mysterious Girl (Nanbaka x reader) by AnimeFanStories
The Mysterious Girl (Nanbaka x AnimeFanStories
in japan there has been a girl who has been a prisoner all her life,she never had friends,never went to school,all she has done was sit i a cold room behind iron steal b...
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Percy's Little Sister  (Nico X Reader) by Ashley__Di__Angelo
Percy's Little Sister (Nico X Dragonwolfheart
You were hanging out with your best friend Nico until a Cyclops Crashes though your house and turn your life upside down. But hey one second you were trying pass algebra...
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TWDG oneshots by TWDGLuke
TWDG oneshotsby TWDGLuke
Bam. Walking dead game oneshots because there ain't much.
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Nico Di Angelo x Reader: Oneshots and Imagines by beautifuldodie
Nico Di Angelo x Reader: Natalie
♡ A collection of Nico Di Angelo x reader one shots and imagines ♡
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Out of the Shadows by MaliaReeds
Out of the Shadowsby Malia
Book 2 of the Nico X Reader series Sequel to Tidel Wave Just when Nico and (Y/N) thought everything was done and they could get a break, disaster strikes. Nightmares occ...
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Nico X reader by AllAboutNico3173
Nico X readerby KMScarabin
Waking up in a strange area with strangers around you wasn't even the weirdest part. The weirdest part was the fact that you are a daughter of the sea god. As you learn...
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Camping by anna_beth_00
Campingby Pariahbutnot
Your mom decided that taking you on a camping trip with her friend and her son was an amazing idea. Little did you know you'd be spending it with Nico.
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Nico x Reader One-Shots (PJO) by mocha_13
Nico x Reader One-Shots (PJO)by mocha_13
collection of one shots between you -- the reader -- and Nico Di Angelo
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Chasing the Dark{Nico Di Angelo} by RosettaSteel
Chasing the Dark{Nico Di Angelo}by R.S.
It's amazing how one summer can change someone's life. When your best friend's brother is forced to go on your end-of-the-year camping trip, you soon realize that this s...
  • love
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Percy Jackson Preferences by fandomrus100
Percy Jackson Preferencesby Kim Taehyungie
Includes Percy Jason Nico Leo Will Frankie Grover Octavian Annabeth Hazel Piper Calypso Thalia
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A fangirl's wish come true (Nico x Reader) by Sun_Child101
A fangirl's wish come true (Nico Sun_Child101
On her birthday, a young fangirl named (Y/N) wishes to be a demigod. What will happen when she becomes one. Will she make it to Camp Half-blood? And what will she think...
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Nico Di Angelo x Reader One-shots by WiseBookGirl
Nico Di Angelo x Reader One-shotsby A Wittle Itty Bitty Crazy
Hi! If you stumbled across my lovely fanfiction, great! I'm not the best writer, just so ya know. Anywho, I hope ya'll enjoy them as much as I did making them. Alright...
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Nico x Reader Lemon by Book_Goddess15
Nico x Reader Lemonby Ellizabeth Grace
The title. Read it.
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The Rebel (Nick Wilde x Reader) by ThatBlondFoxIsDanger
The Rebel (Nick Wilde x Reader)by FullTimeFangirl
You've been part of a gang for almost 3 years. Ever since you came to Zootopia. You became used to hippie life and being a hipster. They trained you for crimes. Your tea...
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HOO/HP Crossover Percy Jackson x Reader x Nico Di Angelo x Harry Potter by IdyllicWriting
HOO/HP Crossover Percy Jackson x Jay
I DON'T OWN ANYTHING! I ONLY OWN THE PLOT! (Y/N) and her twin sister Jay have never been considered "normal". They jumped from foster home to foster home only...
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Demigods X Reader One-shots by Ashley__Di__Angelo
Demigods X Reader One-shotsby Dragonwolfheart
This is where you could date, be best friends, siblings, etc. With your favorite Demigods. It doesn't mater if its a boy or girl. I even take request just comment who's...
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