13. Curls

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Plot: Reader straightens her hair because she hates her natural curls
      Straightener burns are the worst. Hey, pain is beauty. You gotta do what you gotta do. I have curls and I hate them. Straightened hair works a lot better for me. I just like the style. I'm not saying curls are bad (they're beautiful), they just don't work with me.
      I consider myself to be lucky for a few reasons. The big being a daughter of Poseidon. While being a child does have its ups and downs, I'm glad I'm a daughter of the sea god because I can get my hair dry in a matter of seconds. Which in pretty darn helpful. My only problem now, is that I don't want Nico to find out. Oh, don't worry. I'll tell eventually, just not anytime soon. Why? I just don't like curls.
      It's a normal day for me. Wake up 35 minutes earlier than Percy and straighten hair and get ready. Of course Percy being my half brother, he knows about my hair. It's not really a big deal, curls don't work with me. Once my hair is all sorted out, I pick my clothes. Then, if I have free time, read a book. I feel like books are underrated. In all honesty, they're great! I'm a big fan of reading. And that's my morning!

      Now, it's noon and I'm training with my (W/N) because practice. Who knows when I'll need it? I wonder where Neeks is... it's been awfully quiet around here.

Nico's POV

      Now's my chance! Since nothing has been happening around camp, Y/N's practicing her (W/N). I know you aren't allowed in a cabin if it's not you're godly parent, so I gotta make this quick and fast. My plan is to drop off a note for a special surprise. Percy's out on a date with Annabeth because gods know why.
      I snuck in the cabin and dropped off the note. Wait, was that smoke? It seems like it's coming from the bathroom... I walked over to the bathroom and found a... straightener? Y/N probably forgot to turn it off. I unplugged it and hit what looked like the off button. In my defense, I've never used a straightener before! I'll have to ask Y/N about this later.



After a few hours of training, I went to the beach by camp to enjoy the scenery. It's almost evening, so the sky was beginning to turn darker with each passing minute. The sound of the crashing waves soothed my ears. I always felt at peace by the sea.
Suddenly, I see Nico come running out of nowhere! Must be the shadow traveling. Looking a bit out of breath, Nico says to me, "There you are Y/N! I've been looking for you. Anyway, I actually wanted to ask/tell you about something." "Go on", I say.
"So uh, you know you left your hair straightener on, right?"

"Wait what?"

"Yeah, you left it on. I unplugged it and turned it off for you. At least I think it was a straightener..."

Oh fiddlesticks! He found out. Well he was bound to find out eventually. Time to let the cat outta the bag. Taking a deep breath, I said "Um yes, I straighten my hair. I actually have natural curls, but I just don't like them." "Okay, well I love you either way. Even if you had spaghetti for hair, I'll still love you," Nico said with a genuine smile, which was a rare sight for everyone but you. I returned the smile. "Thanks for understanding Nico. What did I do to deserve you?"

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