16. The Closet

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(Modern AU)
Yes people, a LEMON is here!

It was a wild party. Not too wild though, no alcoholic beverages or drugs. You didn't know why you came but you did. It was most likely because you wanted to unwind from all the stress life gave you. Oh well, you have your own reasons.

A wise motto of yours:

"When life gives you lemons, you put those lemons into a sack and beat your enemies with it, and maybe if you beat them hard enough, the bag will spilt open; causing lemons to fall and spray lemon juice into their eyes causing intense burning pains as you beat them into a citrusy pulp."

Life lessons with (Y/N).

That said, let's get back on track here. The party was being hosted by the one and only Percy Jackson. You still weren't sure if it was surprising or not that a lot of people came, but who cares? You're supposed to have fun. But fun was something you weren't having right now. You stood awkwardly in a corner, pretending to text on your phone as to avoid any social interaction.

Now you remember why you were here. Your friends forced you to. Well you had to suck it up for now, you'd spend thirty minutes max here "having fun" anyway. You were about to make a Tumblr post when Leo Valdez caught everyone's attention.

"Hello, hello ladies and gents! 'Tis I, the one, the only, Leo Valdez!" spoke Leo, quite loudly. Much to your amusement, you heard one of your peers say something about cutting to the point already.

"Geez ok, tough crowd. Well then, as I was going to say, everyone please follow me! We will be playing seven minutes in heaven! Can I get a WOOHOO??"

Naturally no one did.

Everyone followed Leo into the living room where a storage closet was. Why there was a storage closer, you didn't know. This house was very mysterious. Leo then passed a bag around and told everyone to put something in it. Once everyone put an item in, Percy went first. He pulled out a coin. "Guess that's me then" said Jason.

Pretty much nothing happened. Next was Piper, who got Annabeth. You were pretty sure all that happened was gossip. Hazel got Frank, but they were too pure to do anything. Now it was Nico's turn. Yeah, you had a crush on him, but that doesn't matter. He pulled out a (F/C) pen.

Containing a sequel, you stood up. "That's me."

Nico and you walked over to the closet as Leo shut the door, "Remember! Seven minutes, No more and no less." he said from behind the closed door. Luckily a light was on, so you could see things clearly. Looking around, you noticed the closet had a few... things. Things that shouldn't be in a closet like this one. You smirked. This'll be interesting.

Moving closer to Nico, whispered, "Hey, I know something fun we could do..."

Gesturing to the things, you gave him a sly smile. He smirked back. Then you two got to work.

• Outside the closet

"Ah! Nico that hurts~!"
"I'm sorry, I should've been more careful."

A few squelching sounds were heard along with thuds and bangs.

"Nico! Watch it! Ow!"
"Oh god sorry again, (Y/N)"

"Mmm it tastes soo good~"

Immediately , everyone's minds went to a dirty place (except for Frank and Hazel of course).
With seven minutes up, Leo was almost nervous to open the door. Hesitantly opening it, he found a surprising sight.

(Y/N) and Nico were on the floor, making LEMONADE.


(Y/N) got hurt because Nico accidentally squirted lemon juice into (Y/N)'s eye and the thuds and bangs were from messing with the juicer and the squelching sounds were from squeezing the lemon for the juice.

The lemonade tasted good.

This was inspired by something I read and thought it would be funny. Thanks for reading!

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