6. Big Brother Trouble

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Requested by: @I_AM_QUEEN_GEEK
Plot: Reader is Percy's sister and he finds out that you and Nico are dating
Hello! I'm (Y/N) and I'm Percy's little sister. Though in his opinion, I'm more of a little child. I understand, since I'm the only discovered child of Poseidon other then Percy (so far |°з°|), but I'm not some three year old! Okay, sorry, got a bit sidetracked, anyway, he doesn't know that I'm dating Nico yet, I dread the day he finds out.. But enough about him! Back to the present.

It was a little before noon, and Nico and I had just finished up a cute little date. Ahh, it was so enjoyable! We had little sandwiches and talked about life and even da--. Oh! I've gone and done it again, so sorry me from another world! Back to the present, again.

We decided that it was about time to go, so bid our farewells; Nico gave me a kiss on the cheek and then went our separate way. I went in the direction to the training area with my trusty (W/N); never leave my cabin without it. A while later I began to hear shouting.

It was Nico and Percy arguing!
Around the 'scuffle' they were having, a small crowd began to gather. I could tell this was going to end badly, so I marched right in there to do something about it.
"Old zombie man!"
"Egotistical dolphin!"
"Why you!-" Percy then says something that sounds insulting in dolphin language.
Nico then says something in Italian that shouldn't be wrote here. (4th wall broken ●__●)

I grabbed their ears and dragged them away from the crowd and into the woods. Then I finally released them and asked them "Okay guys, what in the name of smoked cheese is going on here?!"
"It's his fault!"
" It's his fault."
They both say simultaneously.
"Someone please explain! Nico, you go first since you're standing closet to me."
Saying this, I hear Percy let out an exasperated sigh.

"Well, it all started after I kissed you on the cheek. Percy saw and then started threatening me!" Nico explained. I then turned To Percy. "Well? What's your side?"
"Okay, so I was walking from our cabin to find little ol' ghostie here transferring germs onto your beautiful face! How long has this been going on? And why didn't you tell your one and only wonderful brother about this? And wh-"
"Okay, okay, geez. I get it. One, it was just a little peck, it's not like we were French kissing! Two, it's only been around two months-" I cut him off, only to be cut off as well.
I ignored him and continued "and three, this is why, plus it never came up, so yeah." I finished.
"But why him? There's other people, I mean-"
"What about that one guy you met at the coffee shop? And-"
"And what about that person in the mall? He was o-"
"PERCY." I said for the third time, "You can't just treat me like a little kid anymore. I'm growing up, you have to start letting me make my own decisions. I love Nico, Nico loves me-"
"I mean does he really? You can never rea-"
"Percy!" I said for the FOURTH time "Look, the point is, I'm growing up. You have to realize that, and look, if he breaks my heart, which I doubt, I'll let you do whatever, just don't kill him for the gods sake, okay?" I told him as understanding as possible.
Percy sighed and said "All right. Just for you lil' sis." I smiled at that. He then turned to Nico. "As you heard her, don't do anything wrong. One slipup and you'll have it coming.."
Nico wrapped an arm around me and said "Don't worry. I got it".
Percy then nodded and took his leave, which left us some time alone. Nico turned to me,
"Thanks, by the way (N/N)."
"For what?"


667 words (not including the A/N)
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