10. Pie

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Thanksgiving Special!

Thanksgiving; the holiday in which you can stuff your face with food, and if you ask me, is the most important part.

Sure, giving thanks is important, but... food. Yeah, you get my point.

Most people think the turkey is the best part, which is reasonable, but good ol' Y/N here thinks otherwise. Let's just eavesdro-, uh I mean, listen, yes, listen to her conversation with the one and only Ghosty.

"Seriously though Nico, you have to like pie! It's basically the uptight sibling of cake!" Y/N spoke (quite passionately, if I may add). 

"Well yeah, but isn't Thanksgiving all about the turkey? People even make hand turkeys! It's just the traditional icon for Thanksgiving." Nico said .

"Tradition, blemition, who even sticks to the rules these days? Face it, pie rules."

"Why are we even arguing about this? Oh whatever, you do you, I be me."

"Fair enough." said Y/N triumphantly. "Let's start eating, I'm hungry!"


After a delicious meal of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and more wondrous food galore, it was time for Y/N's favorite part of the meal. Can you guess it?

I'm sure you did, I mean, it's in the title of this chapter, and she had a whole argument and everything! Now, let's get back on track here.

As Y/N was cutting the pie (pumpkin of course!), she couldn't help but notice it was eerily quiet. Too quiet. Now I know what you're thinking, it's Nico, he's practically a ghost! But no, to Y/N, she could tell the difference.

"Nico, come get the pie! Before I eat it all.."

Wait, where was the whipped cream?! Oh no...

"Surprise!" shouted Nico as he jumped onto Y/N and sprayed her in the face with the delicious, fluffy cream.

"Nico!! I swear.." Y/N said angrily as she pushed him to the ground. Licking what cream she could get,  Y/N grabbed a paper towel and wiped what was left on her face. She then took the can from Nico and sprayed him in the face and sprayed some onto the pie. Y/N took a slice, sat down onto the couch and proceeded to eat the yummy food.

After he wiped his face , Nico grabbed a slice and joined her at the couch. "How's the whipped cream?" asked Nico.
"Splendid... but seriously thanks."
"For what?"
"Giving me the chance to do this!" with that said, Y/N ran and smashed a spare pie slice into Nico's face and ran away to gods know where.

It seems that Y/N likes ticking off Nico and running away.

The plan for Nico's attack of the whipped cream was actually pay back for those pranks she had pulled, but alas, it was short lived.

There's just no escaping the evil, but still ever-so-wonderful, Y/N.

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