What Nico and You Do For Christmas

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Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry this isn't a chapter, but I hope this well be just as good in place.
Merry Christmas!!
What Nico and You Do For Christmas

~ When it comes to Nico buying presents for you, he will even shadow travel around the world if it means getting the perfect gift

~ Christmas music! All day!!

~ Staying in your PJ's all day

~ Christmas Movie Marathon!!!

~ The best Christmas feast EVER.

~ Honestly just relaxing the whole day

~ Nico turning his frown upside down for once

~ Can't forget the cookies!

~ Even if they turn out half-burnt

~ You can always make another batch!

~ You guys bend the rules a little and get cake instead, cause the cookies ain't working.

~ Delicious either way 

~ Lighting Christmas candles to get rid of the burnt cookie smell

~ Waking up happy, going to bed extra happy

~ Overall, a very merry Christmas!

What do you guys want for Christmas?

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greeting!

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