Valentines Day 2019 Special

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Smiling to myself, I carefully put the homemade chocolates into a box and wrapped it with a bow. Not wanting the chocolates to melt, I rushed over to Nico's cabin and knocked.

What's the occasion? Well Valentines Day of course! The chocolates might have given it away, but oh well.

Nico opened the door within a few seconds.
"Oh hey, (N/N). What's up?"

"Eh, not much. Just stopping by to say hi and you know..." I said with a blank expression.

"Oh ok the-" I interrupted him and said "Just kidding! Happy Valentines Day! I made you some homemade chocolate, specially for you. Dark, of course." I said with a laugh. At this, Nico smacked his forehead in a facepalm as he realized it was ,indeed, Valentines Day.

He took the box of chocolates and thanked me. "I actually have something for you too. I made it a while ago, but I decided to save it for today."

He quickly popped a chocolate into his mouth and then went inside to retrieve me my surprise. I waited outside since, you know, kinda wasn't allowed in other peoples cabins. I didn't really mind though. The cool summer breeze was refreshing.

Nico came back after about two minutes and handed me a card with a black rose. "The chocolates taste great!" he told me with a grin. On the card, it read "Happy Valentines Day to my dearest (Y/N)"

Looking at the beautiful handwriting, I found myself quite surprised. I honestly never took Nico as a DIY type of guy!

"Thank you so much! I love it a lot. It's so sweet." I said with a smile.

He pulled me into a loving kiss and said "Of course. Happy Valentines Day, love"

Cue Percy screaming about PDA

Yikes I am so sorry for the long hiatus. Not dead yet! Hope you enjoyed. Happy Valentines Day my dears!

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