8. Jelly..? Modern AU!

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Requested by KieraKinead!
Plot: Reader makes a certain someone *sings* J-E-A-L-O-U-S!

Man, oh man, was it a hot day! I don't know what crawled up Apollo's chariot, but it felt like a sauna in here! I attempted to wipe the moisture from my (S/T) face, only for more to build up.

Piper then approached my sweating figure and began to speak "Hey (N/N), the gang and I were wondering if you would like to join us for a little get-together at the beach? Oh, and Nico's going to be there."

"Nico will be there? How on Earth did you get him to agree to that?" I replied.

"Well I sorta told him that you would be there and he agreed for some reason, okaybyeseeyoulater!" Piper spoke quickly and then left.

In case you're wondering about Ghost King, practically everyone knows about my not-so-little crush on him except for him himself.

Wow, no wonder they decided to play matchmaker.. May as well come since Piper basically forced me to. Sorry to disappoint, but I shall wear a (F/C) one piece because I'm secretly a turtle and I don't want to wear a two piece. (Feel free to change it if you want!)

Okay, time to double check everything...
Sunblock ✅
Sunglasses ✅
Towel ✅
Extra Clothes ✅

Seems good to go!


After a 32 minute car ride, we have finally arrived to the place of salty water, sand, and seashells! Lugging my bag as fast as possible, I eventually found the perfect spot. Laying my towel onto the warm sand, I took off my cover-up and made a dash towards the salty sea, as I had already applied sunscreen before I left.

After a couple of minutes of doing nothing but lounging around in the water, I began to feel bored and then proceeded to look for shark teeth, because why not?

I took a moment to sneak some glances at what my fellow friends were doing.

Nico seemed to be under an umbrella attempting to read, but Leo kept bothering him,

"Come on! You're as pale as an egg rolled in snow! Have some fun~ "

Percy as splashing around to his hearts content in the water with Annabeth to keep him company.

Piper was on a towel reading with Hazel.

And Jason was- wait, where's Jason? He's around here somewhere... Maybe he's-
There he is. "Haha got you!" Jason laughed. "Yeah, yeah, good one." I said and rolled my (E/C) eyes. "What are you even doing?" Jason questioned. "Looking for shark teeth." I stated. "It's actually quite fun." "Oh? Then may I join you?" he asked. "Meh. Why not?" I answered. We continued walking across the beach and collected the teeth we found on a towel with Piper and Hazel keeping watch. The day went by pretty fast.
We were now at a restaurant for a late lunch. I ordered (F/F). After that, the gang and I went back to our separate houses. Jason offered to walk home with me, but I declined his offer. Nico has been acting a bit more  distant then usual. I went over to Nico and attempted to strike up a conversation before he started his not-so-long journey to his house.

"What do you want?" Nico said. "Woah there, just saying hey. Don't you want a lovely companion like me to walk ya back?" I responded. "Meh. Go walk with Jason." "I declined his offer. You were looking a bit down today, thought you needed a friend." "Aren't you guys dating or something?" "What? No, no. We're just really good friends." I assured  Nico. "Are you sure about that?" Nico inquired. "Yes, I'm sure." "Look, if this is all we're going to do, we may as well start heading to my house now."
"Well, okay. Just wanted to make sure you were alright. Say, were you... jealous?" I asked curiously. "Uh no! Of course not. Why would you think that?" he scoffed. "I don't know, you just seemed like it." I said. "Okay, fine! Yes, I was a little jealous." "Aww! My wittle Nico was jelly!" I cooed. Nico scoffed again. "Whatever."
We arrived at Nico's house. "Well, thanks for the walk home, I guess." he said. "Yeah, no problem! Anytime. Oh and one more thing." "What?" asked Nico. I gave him a quick kiss on his pale cheek. "See ya later ghostinator!" I said as I ran back to my house giving him no time to react.

Nico touched the spot where you kissed him. "I swear (Y/N), you will be the death of me..."

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