Denmark + Reader

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  You were laying comfortably on your couch with your computer, watching funny YouTube videos and relaxing. Sadly, there was a loud knock on your door, accompanied by muffled shouting.
With a sigh, you put the video on pause and stood up. There was no mistaking that voice. You checked your hair in the mirror before opening the door to see your friend and crush Denmark standing there.
"Hey, Denmark," you smiled.
The next second he had glomped you to the ground, making you a wriggling and blushing mess.
"(Y/N)!" he exclaimed. "I have a question for you!"
"Can't-breathe!" you mumbled.
He quickly released you and jumped up, pulling you to your feet as well. "Whoops! Sorry, (Y/N)!"
"It's okay," you said, face still red. "What's your question?"
"Who do you have a crush on?"
Your eyes widened, and you blushed harder. "Who says I have a crush on anyone?" you retorted.
"Your face is red~" he teased.
You giggled. "Fine. Maybe I do have a crush on someone."
"Who is it?"
"A good friend who is annoyingly oblivious to the fact," you said, frowning at him.
"Who is it?" he whined.
"Is it Norway?"
"Not even close."
"Please just tell me?"
He pouted at you, then smirked. "Is it me?"
You looked away before answering. ". . . yes . . ."
"Whaaaaaaaaaat?!" he gasped, then glomped you again, grinning madly.
"Matthias, g-get off!" you stuttered, trying to push him off of you but failing desperately.
"No! I love you too, (Y/N)!"
You stopped struggling. "Wait, what?"
"I love you!" he smirked, pressing his lips to yours.
You froze as he kissed you, then slowly kissed him back.  

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