Ireland + Reader

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       Some people just don't respect your rights to the midday nap they don't know you're taking. You groaned, covering your ears as the knocking on your front door continued. Sadly, the knocking was not in your dream; it only got louder.

"Fine," you muttered, standing up rather ungracefully from the couch and staggering toward the door. "All right, all right, I'm coming . . ."

You opened the door and only just avoided getting smacked in the face by a bouquet of flowers your caller thrust at you.

"(Y/N), there's something very important I need to tell you!"

"What the-" you exclaimed, retreating a step so that you could see who was talking. To your surprise, it was your friend and crush (Ireland), with his face so red it almost matched his hair and a bouquet held out to you in his hands. "I-Ireland?" you asked, even more confused than before. "Isn't there a world meeting right now? Why are you here?"

You hesitantly took the offered flowers from him and stepped back to let him inside.

"I'm here because I couldn't focus on the meeting," he mumbled, closing your door behind him. "I need to tell you something."

"So I'm more important than the problems of the world?" you teased. "Gosh, we're in worse trouble than I thought."

"You are more important!" he argued indignantly. "I couldn't think about anything else! That's why I'm here!"

"Huh?" You gazed blankly at him, not catching his hint. Apparently, your brain was still half-asleep on the couch.

Seeing your incomprehension, Ireland snorted under his breath. "Were you just asleep, (Y/N)?"

You blushed.

"No matter, I'll fix that," he said, something of a mischievous twinkle entering his eyes. "Sorry to wake you up like this, but you're leaving me no choice."


Before you could finish the sentence, he swept you into his arms and kissed you. Well, that definitely woke you up! When he released you, you grinned so broadly it probably looked stupid, but at this point, you didn't care.

"I like you too," you said, running your fingers through his hair. "But I suppose your blabbermouth brothers already told you that."

He just smirked and kissed you again.

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