China + Reader

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  There was a knock on your door, and you raised your head, stifling a groan. Your cold made your head feel like it was going to explode, and you really didn't want to get up.
Deciding to take a chance, you yelled, "It's open!"
"(Y/N)!" a familiar voice called, and you smiled. It was China, your best friend and major crush.
"In here!" you called, trying to sit up on your couch.
China appeared in your living room doorway and frowned when he saw you on the couch.
"Aiya, what's wrong, (Y/N)?" he exclaimed, walking up to you. "Are you sick?"
"No," you lied weakly, but ended in a fit of coughing.
"Yes, you are," he frowned, putting his hand to your forehead. "You're burning up, aru! Why didn't you call me?"
"Because I don't want to get you sick too," you mumbled, blushing from the contact and removing his hand from your forehead.
"So you were just going to sit here and stay sick so you wouldn't get me sick?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. "That's either sweet or stupid."
"Let's go with sweet," you suggested, and he smiled. "So . . . why did you come over here?"
"I almost forgot!" he said, sitting down next to you. "I have something I want to tell you, aru."
"What?" you asked, finally managing to sit up straight.
"I like you!" he announced.
Your eyes went wide.
"You . . . like me?" you repeated.
He started to look slightly nervous.
"Yes . . ."
"I like you too!" you squealed, tackling him down with a hug.
His eyes reflected your previous shock, but he quickly overcame that. He tipped your chin up so that you were looking at him.
"Am I allowed to kiss you, or are you worried that you'll get me sick?" he grinned.
"Kiss me at your own risk," you grinned back, and he pressed his lips against yours.  

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