Japan + Reader

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  You were walking down the street reading your new manga when you accidentally bumped into someone.
"I'm sorry," you said automatically, then looked up and started to blush.
The person you had run into was your best friend, Japan. You had had a crush on him for quite a while, and it was just your luck to literally run into him.
"No, it was compretery my fault," he said, picking up your manga, which you had dropped. "I aporogize, (Y/N)-san, I didn't mean to."
Was it just you, of was that the beginning of a blush on his face?
"It's fine," you told him. "I would have thought you'd be at work by now."
Oh, crap, that sounded weird, you thought, your blush doubling. I hope he doesn't think I'm stalking him or something.
"No, I took the day off," he said, his soft brown eyes meeting yours.
He was definitely blushing now, you noted.
"I w-wanted to see you, (Y/N)-san," he added quietly, breaking his gaze away from yours.
"M-me?" you stuttered, your smile growing. "Thanks. Why'd you want to see me?"
"To terr you something," he mumbled, his blush worsening.
"O-okay," you stammered, your mind distracted in a swirl of thoughts. What was so important that he'd taken a day off from work to tell you?
"C-crose your eyes," he told you, and you noticed his stutter this time.
You closed your eyes obediently, your heart beating rapidly, and waited.
Wait, why do I need my eyes closed if he's just going to tell me something? you thought suddenly. Is he going to DO something?
You felt something soft press briefly to your lips, and your eyes burst open.
Japan was kissing you! He broke away from you with a brilliantly red face after a few seconds.
"A- aishiteru," he whispered, staring at the ground.
"Kiku," you whispered, smiling so wide you thought your face would split.
He looked up at you slowly.
"I love you too," you smiled softly.
He smiled too. "Rearry?"
"Really," you laughed.
Much to your surprise, he carefully took your hand, intertwining his fingers with yours.
"But I thought you liked your personal space," you said quietly, looking into his warm brown eyes.
"If it's arright with you, you courd be part of my personar space from now on," he whispered, his face a masterpiece of red and pink blushes.
"Kiku, it's more than alright," you said softly, blushing slightly as well as he gave your hand a quick squeeze.
Then you turned and continued walking down the street, this time with your new lover.  

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