Latvia + Reader

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       "I can do this," you muttered under your breath, knuckles resting on the door in front of you. "I can do this. I can do this. I ca- I must be crazy!"

You were standing on your best friend and mega-crush Latvia's porch, trying to invent a little courage so that you could tell him how you felt about him. Unfortunately, your courage seemed to have been left in bed this morning.

"Come on, (Y/N)," you whispered. "How hard can this be? I should tell him. I need to tell him. I have to tell him. If I don't, then someone else will, right? Right. Now knock."

You braced yourself and knocked quietly on the door.

As you stood there in the light breeze, wild thoughts rushed through your head. Maybe he wasn't home. Maybe he didn't want to see you. Maybe he hadn't heard you knock. Maybe he was busy. Maybe he was with another girl already. Maybe -

Your maybes were interrupted as the door swung open, revealing Latvia and catching you by surprise.

"Hello, (Y/N)!" he smiled at you.

Your face went bright red. "E-er . . ."

He began to look a little confused. "(Y/N)? Is something the matter?"

"U-uh, n-no," you stuttered. "I j-just came b-by to t-tell you that I r-really l-like y-you, and m-maybe you m-might - n-no, I can do this . . ." Unfortunately for you, instant panic flooded through you, and you turned around and ran from his porch, screaming, "I was wrooong!!!"

"(Y/N), wait!" you heard Latvia call, but you didn't stop.

Your panic spurred you on, and it wasn't until three blocks later that a hand managed to reach out and bring you to a halt.

"(Y/N)!" It was Latvia.

You froze, now afraid to breathe. What would he think of you now? Had your words even made sense to him when you confessed? Was he just here to tell you he didn't feel the same?

"Please don't run away, (Y/N)," he gasped, clutching his side. "I don't think I could manage to chase you any farther. (Y/N), please, tell me, did you mean what you said back there?"

"Y-yes," you squeaked, blushing worse than ever. Honestly, why hadn't your face burst into flames yet?

"(Y/N), I like you too," he whispered. "I like you a lot."

Your nervousness melted away. "Really?"

"Yes, really."

He drew you closer and, before either of you quite knew it, kissed you softly.

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