Germany + Reader

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  You muffled a groan with your pillow when your phone went off.
"No," you mumbled. "Hang up, hang up, hang up . . ."
Unfortunately, the caller did not hang up, and you answered if only to shut the ringing up.
"No!" you groaned, rolling onto your back. "No, no, no, no, no!"
"Guten morgen, (Y/N) . . . ?" the voice sounded hesitant.
"Augh, Germany!" you shrieked, sitting bolt upright when you recognized the voice of your friend and crush. "I, um, I didn't mean - that is, er, that was nothing! I thought you were . . . someone else!"
You smacked your forehead against your knees. Great job, way to sound stupid, (Y/N).
Luckily, Germany overlooked your moment of no brains. "Are you home?" he asked.
"Um . . . yeah?" you questioned. "Why? Where are you?"
"Standing at your front door," he said. "For zhe past fifteen minutes. I vanted to tell you somezhing. Didn't you hear me knock?"
"N-no," you stammered, face heating up. "Give me a second, I'll be right down."
You jumped out of bed, tossed your phone onto the bed, and raced downstairs, skidding to a stop at your front door. You flung it open and almost stumbled into Germany, only just steadying yourself in time.
Germany just stared at you for a moment, then he started blushing.
"What?" you asked, looking down at yourself.
You started blushing too; you had forgotten to change out of your pajamas. Oops.
"I was sleeping!" you said defensively, still blushing. "Y-you said you wanted to tell me something?"
"J-Ja," he said, looking awkward. "I . . . like you, (Y/N)."
"Well, I certainly hope you don't hate me," you said, feeling confused.
"Nein, I like you," he repeated.
You realized what he meant and started blushing worse than before. "I like you too . . ." you admitted, looking down at your feet.
You looked up in time to glimpse his wide-eyed surprise before you tackled him with a hug, smiling to yourself.
"I'm still not getting up at seven to train with you," you muttered.
He smiled briefly, then before either of you knew it, he was kissing you.

Guten morgen = good morning
Ja = yes
Nein = no

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